Headlamp LUMONITE® Compass, 1250 lm

TEST WINNERS - OVER 280000 SOLD! Measured light output 1367 lumens, long operating time. Magnetic USB charging. 60 month warranty, over 5000 5/5 reviews! Complete package!

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  1. Excellent item. I am replacing a lost Petzl RL900. This is not noticeably heavier, but is brighter. Although not significantly - 900 lumens is also pr...
    O'connor D 10.4.2024
  2. Den är så bra man ser jättebra i mörkret
    B A 18.7.2024
  3. Klockren! Gedigen och genomtänkt. Bra ljusbild och effektlägen.
    Alvemål C 17.7.2024
  4. Bra lampa. Cykelfästet funkar säkert bra på ett styre men är för litet för användning på cykelhjälm.
    Jonsson R 26.6.2024
  5. Super nöjd,bra sken och 3 olika bra styrkor att välja mellan. Kör min som extra cykel lampa,bor på landsbygden där det verkligen blir becksvart och ja...
    Konradsson M 24.4.2024
  6. Reviewed product: Earlier version
    Hintansa arvoinen kokonaisuus
    Vakkuri M 22.4.2024
  7. Bra ljus
    Morling I 22.4.2024
  8. Polecam w 100%, bardzo dobrze swieci i ma daleki zasieg. Jest lekka i bardzo preczna. Jestem bardzo zadowolona z zakupu
    Majchrzak I 21.4.2024
  9. Andra lampan jag köper … den första fungerar lika bra än men vill ha en extra i bilen
    Athlöf B 18.4.2024
  10. Köpte lampor främst till att ha till cykel. Har hunnit prova dem till cykeltur och de fungerar utmärkt. Lyser upp rejält framåt och ger bra ljus bakåt...
    Norberg P 8.4.2024
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Trailrunning Sweden test 5/5 ( link ):

Wide and comprehensive light image with a color temperature of 5000K.

TEST WINNERS - OVER 280000 SOLD! Measured light output 1367 lumens, long operating time. Magnetic USB charging. 60 month warranty, over 5000 5/5 reviews! Complete package!




  • Very wide combined light image!
  • Unbeatable battery life!
  • 133% faster charging time (3 h)!
  • Neutral color temperature of 5000K!
  • Tested according to MIL-STD standard!
  • Convenient charging via magnet, no need to remove the battery!
  • Completely durable and protected against water, dust and shocks (IP69)!
  • More than 280.000 pcs sold (updated 20.11.2023)
  • 60 month warranty!



Reaching an incredible 1367 measured lumens in the light laboratory, the LUMONITEⓇ Compass is Valostore's best-selling and most popular multi-function lamp of all time. The first version of LUMONITEⓇ Compass won the headlamp test on the Swedish comparison site, and it was precisely with the overwhelming victory in this test that Lumonite's victory streak began! Compass v.7 is a further developed version of the test winner, which with all its functions is at the forefront of all headlamps. The reason for its popularity is easy to understand: incredible performance combined with versatility. A headlamp – endless possibilities of use!

Summary of functions

  • A measured maximum luminous flux of 1367 lm
  • Very wide light cone with rich scattered light, 110 meter range
  • Burning time of more than 8 hours in optimal power mode (240 lm)
  • Appealing and pleasant color temperature of 5000K , which reproduces colors well
  • Resistant to extreme conditions, in accordance with the MIL-STD standard
  • Constructed in one piece - no breakable joints or breakable parts
  • Completely dust and waterproof construction according to enclosure class IP69
  • Renewed, softer and more comfortable headband
  • Charges with either a magnetic USB charger or a 1-4 dock
  • Even faster charging: from empty to full approx. 3 hours
  • Can also be used as a headlamp, flashlight, bike light or helmet light


"LUMONITE is the first brand of headlamps and flashlights to be awarded the Design from Finland mark. The lamps and accessories are designed for the extreme weather conditions of the Nordics, and represent world-class quality!"


LUMONITE Compass has been tested according to the MIL-STD standard against extreme conditions. The test is a set of requirements published by the US Department of Defense, which includes stress tests against moisture, shock and temperature changes. Compass v.7 successfully passed the tests required by the certificate. You will find more information about the tests and test reports below.

    • Moisture resistance: MIL-STD compliant (test document here)
    • Shock resistance: MIL-STD compliant (test document here)
    • Temperature resistance: MIL-STD compliant (test document here)

LUMONITEⓇ Compass is a multifunctional lamp designed in Finland, for both professional use and outdoor enthusiasts. Its lightweight, yet extremely durable aluminum fixture is made in one piece with no loose or moving parts. The lamp is completely dust, water and shockproof and combined with its simple structure, flawless technology and the best performance on the market, the Compass is incredibly reliable even in the most challenging conditions.

Compass has always had an amazing light output in relation to its size, and now with its update, the lamp's maximum light output has increased even more! Compass v.7 has a maximum light flux of 1367 lumens as measured in Valostore's own light laboratory! The color temperature of the lamp has also been updated to an optimal temperature of 5000 kelvin, the color temperature reproduces both colors and shapes naturally and is also gentle and prevents strain on the eyes even during longer periods of use. With its update, Compass v.7 is now even more pleasant to use, and illuminates the environment better and more evenly than ever. And that's not all! Since the lamp is removable from the headband, it also works as a helmet lamp, bicycle lamp or flashlight with accessories!

Thanks to the modern USB Touch™ charging method and the optional Lumonite charging station, charging the Compass is easier than ever, as there is no need to remove the battery during charging! The battery that comes with the lamp is the most powerful, safe and frost-resistant battery on the market with a capacity of 3500 mAh, which easily provides enough power for a whole working day with suitable work intensity.

Like its predecessors, the features of the new Compass lamp have also omitted unnecessary blinkers and other special features. The lamp has 3 different power modes, as well as a maximum and a moonlight mode. With its update, the adjustment of power modes has been improved and makes switching between the different power modes faster, which makes the lamp even more pleasant to use. Lumonite Compass is in all respects a perfect lamp for demanding professional use where durability, ease of use and performance are required from a lamp. Of course, Compass is also suitable for daily hobby use!

Thanks to the lamp's magnetic base, the lamp can be attached to metal surfaces, freeing both hands to work without a headband. Compass is supplied with a Lumonite Releasy™ headband, equipped with a quick-release attachment from which the lamp can be easily attached and detached. With its wide range of use, the same lamp also works as a flashlight, helmet lamp or bicycle lamp. In addition, the included headband is removable, so the use is optional depending on the purpose. The headband is so sturdy that it can be used without a headband when, for example, jogging.

Examples of areas of use

In the following way, you can get more out of your lamp:

Attach the light to a bicycle helmet or to the handlebars with Releasy™ Bike V2 .

The lamp can be attached to a work helmet using the Releasy™ helmet attachment. If there are no ready-made mounts for the helmet, the headband can be combined with NHC10 helmet hooks.

The Releasy™ mount can also be used for hobby use, and together with a GoPro mount, the light can be used in unlimited ways.


Compass Standard Package

  • Lumonite Compass v.7 headlamp
  • Lumonite battery, 3500 mAh, li-ion
  • Lumonite Touch™ USB charging cable
  • Lumonite Releasy™ headrest with quick release
  • Lumonite Releasy™ headband for headstand
  • Manual (SE, FI, NO, EN)

Compass Standard Package + Helmet Mount

Compass Standard Package + Helmet Mount

Compass Standard package + Bicycle mount


4 pcs basic packages + Charging station

Technical specification

  • Brand and model: LUMONITEⓇ Compass v.7
  • Battery: 3500 mAh, 3.6V 18650 Customized Li-ion (sis.)
  • Light cone: Combined light cone
  • Manufacturer's reported luminous flux: 1250 lm
    • Valostore's measured luminous flux: 1367 lm
  • Manufacturer's reported range: 110 m
    • Valostore's measured range: 115 m
  • Manufacturer's reported color temperature: 5000 K
    • Valostore's measured color temperature: 5241 K
  • Charging time: approx. 3 hours (0-100%)
  • Protection class: IP69
  • Impact resistance: 20,000 g (test document here)
  • Moisture resistance: MIL-STD compliant (test document here)
  • Shock resistance: MIL-STD compliant (test document here)
  • Temperature resistance: MIL-STD compliant (test document here)
  • Weight (lamp with headband and battery): 155 g
  • Weight (lamp only, without battery): 55 g
  • Dimensions: Luminaire: 106 x 21 x 33 mm
  • Operating temperature: -30°C - +40°C
  • Warranty: 60 months (Lumonite warranty)

Operating hours (Manufacturer's information)

  • Max: 1250 lm / 1 h 30 min / 110 m
  • High: 600 lm / 3 h 35 min / 75 m
  • Med: 240 lm / 8 h 25 min / 50 m
  • Low: 80 lm / 25 h / 28 m
  • Moon: 2 lm / 31 days / -


For the Lumonite Compass headlamp, there are several different accessories that simplify use or broaden the area of use even further. They include extra headstands, chargers, charging stations and spare batteries.

Quick guide

Commissioning: Remove the protective film from the battery and tighten the end cap fully - The lamp is now ready for use.


  • On/Off: Turn on the lamp by pressing the power switch once. Turn off the lamp in the same way - press the power switch once.
  • Power modes: The lamp lights up in the power mode that was last used. When the light is on, press and hold the power switch to cycle through the different modes. Release the power switch when the desired power mode is activated. Maximum power is activated and deactivated by double-clicking the power switch. The lamp does not remember the maximum power, but instead switches on high power when the lamp is switched on next time.
  • Moonlight Mode: Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds when the light is off.
  • Key lock: Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds while the light is off to enable and disable the key lock.
  • Charging: Connect one end of the Lumonite Touch charger to the appropriate USB port and the other magnetic end to the back of the lamp. During charging, the lamp's lens glows red and turns green when the battery is full.
  • Battery level: The battery level is displayed when the key lock is activated and deactivated, as well as when the power button is pressed while the key lock is activated. The level is shown by projecting a green or red light behind the lens of the lamp. The battery level is interpreted as follows:
    • 100-75% : Green
    • 75-50% : Flashing green
    • 50-25% : Red
    • 25-0% : Flashing red

You can find the complete user manual here: Lumonite Compass - user manual.

ATTENTION! Since the lamp is cooled through the aluminum fixture, it is normal for the fixture to heat up considerably when used at high power. The lamp has a thermal protection that prevents overheating which is harmful to the lamp.

WARNING! The power from the Lumonite Compass lamp is very high. Even if the lamp has temperature protection, the light energy itself can heat nearby materials. It is therefore important to follow the following safety instructions:

  1. Do not leave the lamp on with objects less than 5 cm in front of the lens!
  2. Loosen the bottom part of the lamp half a turn to prevent accidental switching on, e.g. in a pocket
  3. A powerful lamp is not a toy - Do not let children use the lamp without supervision!
  4. Use the button lock: With the light off, press and hold the power button for about 3 seconds. The button lock is deactivated in the same way, by holding down the power switch for 3 seconds.

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