LUMONITE® Leader, Enduro Helmet Package

Extreme light performance - GoPro compatible. Perfect as extra light on the motocross, scooter or quad bike. 6838 ch, 388 m! WE RECOMMEND!

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  1. Ett riktigt lättvikt värstingljus och passar såväl enduro, cross , skidor mm, grymt bra med stark ljusbild och färg som lyser långt. Ett kanonfint l...
    Gunnarsson M 29.1.2024
  2. Erinomainen valo endurokäyttöön
    Häggman J 6.1.2024
  3. Kyllä näkee! Moottorikelkkailussa ja metsätöissä testattu. Totuin piuhan virittelyyn nopeasti, eikä siitä olekkaan haittaa, kuten pelkäsin. Kyllä päiv...
    Holappa T 7.12.2023
  4. Valo ei toiminut moitteettomasti, meni takuukorjaukseen
    Pusaaniemi K 27.10.2023
  5. Valo on kyllä hyvä 👌 Valon värilämpö loistava 👍 Akut tuntuis kestävän hyvin ..
    Karstikko M 17.10.2023
  6. Ostin Valostoresta tämän Lumonite Leaderin uusimman 6838 lumenin, eli tehokkaimman, version. Valossa...
    Nurminen J 9.10.2023
    Valostore: Kiitos kattavasta palautteestanne! Värilämpötila...
  7. Jävligt bra ljus
    Persson P 4.10.2023
  8. Mycket bra ljus väger så lite att den inte ens känns på hjälmen, blev perfekt för enduro åkning i mörkret
    Gustafsson J 7.9.2023
  9. Aivan loistava valaisin.
    Vanhapelto J 25.8.2023
  10. Valokuvia huono. Valoa pitäisi hajauttaa enemmän, nyt keskispotin ympärillä useita kaaria jotka sotkee näkemistä. Pettymys.
    Manninen T 21.1.2023
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Eero Remes (three-time enduro world champion) on Lumonite Leader:

"In Enduro, the requirements for a racing lamp are brightness, a long and wide reaching beam and light weight. In this kit they are all standard! Incredible brightness in such a compact packet. The light is conveniently attached to the helmet with the Gopro bracket, so it is easy to install and remove if necessary! Battery life is good. I can recommend this light set for both amateurs and racers!!"

The battery has a battery indicator in five steps

Available accessories:

TIP! Buy an ON/OFF switch to be able to switch the lamp on/off from e.g. the steering wheel.

Extreme light performance - GoPro compatible. Perfect as extra light on the motocross, scooter or quad bike. 6838 ch, 388 m! WE RECOMMEND!

Remember Valostore's Satisfied Customer Guarantee - order and test at home in real usage conditions. Free return if you are not satisfied!

6838 LUMEN - 388 METERS


Motorsport/helmet light package composed of the most powerful LUMONITE® DX6500 lamp on the market that guarantees power and reach! A DX6500 lamp produces a whopping 6838 lumens (measured in Valostore's laboratory). If the DX6500 is mounted in pairs, an astonishing effect of up to 13,676 lumens is achieved! This amount of light, combined with precision machined reflector optics, illuminates the terrain in a way never seen before. The Gopro-compatible lamp head of the highest quality provides an all-encompassing light image that shines both far and wide. The DX6500 has a range of up to 388 meters, and its diffuse light spreads the light beam more than 180°. In this way, dark spots or the so-called tunnel vision effect are not created, but the entire field of vision is illuminated. Note The helmet is not included in the set.

"In Enduro, the requirements for a light are brightness, a long and wide reach and low weight. In this package, they are all standard! Incredible brightness in such a compact package. The light is conveniently attached to the helmet with the Gopro mount, so it is easy to install and remove when needed! Battery life is good. I can recommend this light set for amateurs and racers alike!!"

Eero Remes // 3-time enduro world champion

PS If you are looking for a slightly more affordable lighting model for your helmet, you should take a look at the 3800 Lumen LUMONITE DX3500 Enduro Helmet Pack!

We put together high-quality and area-specific packages of the components found in our selection, this enables a suitable use for the needs of motorsport practitioners. The packages equipped with original LUMONITEⓇ Slimcore 100 batteries allow maximum luminous flux to be achieved up to 2 hours. The battery-powered package is available with both one and two lights. In addition, a package is available (or purchased as an accessory) with a 12V transformer, which allows the lamp to be powered directly from a 12V system. DX6500, also called LUMONITE Leader created for situations where absolute maximum performance, i.e. maximum light flux, is required.

Note! A high-quality, cast-steel GoPro adapter (and a 360°, GoPro-compatible tripod) is included, which makes it easy to attach the light to, for example, a helmet. The mount can be adjusted both vertically and laterally. Depending on the package, the unit is supplied with 1 or 2 pieces of 50 and 120 cm extension cords, which means that the lamp can be used in, for example, a helmet. Additionally, cable mounts are included for mounting needs based on package. Thanks to the GoPro adapter attached to the light, the light can be attached to any GoPro-compatible mount, so the attachment possibilities are practically unlimited! This unmatched efficiency, complete lighting set offers countless uses, allowing you to enjoy your hobby even after dark!

If you also want to be able to use the lamp as a headlamp, we recommend checking out the Lumonite Leader package.

1 lamp incl. 12V transformer, accessory (6838 lumens):

1 lamp incl. battery + GoPro mount (6838 lumens):

2 x Lamp incl. battery + GoPro mount (13676 lumens):

1 x Lamp incl. battery + helmet mount (6838 lumens):

2 x Lamp incl. battery + helmet mount (13676 lumens):

Lumonite DX6500 is designed based on user feedback and manufactured to meet the needs of the most demanding users. The light pattern produced by the DX6500 lamp is very wide, but provides a more brightly lit high beam in the center of the light beam, which extends as far as 388 meters. The light image is wide enough to illuminate the entire field of vision at once, providing a very pleasant user experience.

The starting point for the design of the Lumonite DX6500 has been the highest possible continuous power - and the maximum cooling power required. This has been achieved by making the entire lamp a large cooling element with cooling fins. The body of the lamp is machined from a single piece of T6061 aluminum, which ensures the best possible heat dissipation. In addition, the advanced thermal management electronics constantly monitor the lamp's temperature and keep the light output as high as possible under all conditions.

Technical specification

  • Brand and model: Lumonite DX6500
  • Valostore's measured luminous flux: 6838 lm
  • Valostore's measured range: 388 meters
  • Battery: Lumonite Slimcore 100, 99.4 Wh / 14.4 V / 6900 mAh
  • Max power: 55W
  • Charging time: approx. 4 hours
  • Advanced, intelligent heat management electronics
  • Dimensions and weight of lamp: 63 x 84 x 42 mm / 155 g
  • Battery dimensions and weight: 169 x 79 x 25 (H/W/D) / 480 g
  • Protection class:
    • Lamp: IPX6
    • Battery: IPX4
  • Manufacturer's reported color temperature: 5500 K
    • Measured color temperature: 5234K
  • Warranty: Lighting part 60 months / Charger 24 months / Battery 12 months
  • Importer: Handshake Finland /

Performance (ANSI/FL1) (One lamp)

  • Max: 6500+ lm* / 388 m / 2:00 h (*Laboratory measured maximum output: 6838 lm)
  • High: 3100 lm / 260 m / 4:40 h
  • Medium: 1000 lm / 150 m / 15:50 h
  • Low: 270 lm / 80 m / 59:00 h

Emergency light - does not turn off suddenly

An advanced feature of the Lumonite DX6500 lamp is that it does not allow you to drain the battery at full power, although it is possible. When the battery starts to die, full power would only be available for a short time, but with lower power you get significantly longer burn time. Even after the official burning time for maximum power, the lamp continues to shine for more than half an hour with a lower power of about 250 lumens! So this lamp will not leave you suddenly in the dark!

Quick guide

Lumonite DX series lamps are easy to use. The lamp is switched on by using the switch on the top of the lamp. Then a button press switches between the effect modes in the order low-med-high. The maximum mode is activated with a simple double click. Double-click again to return to the previous effect mode.

Note! The transformer package is delivered with an ON/OFF switch. When connected to a lamp, the transformer consumes some current even when the lamp is off, so during long storage it can drain the vehicle's battery if the transformer is connected directly to the battery. Therefore, you should install a circuit breaker in between. The best solution is, of course, to connect the transformer directly to e.g. the vehicle's fuse box or other place where the current is interrupted when the vehicle is switched off and the battery is not discharged.


User manual in PDF format: Lumonite Leader user manual (opens in new window)

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