Helmet mount LUMONITE® Releasy™ V2, work helmet

Quick mount Releasy™ for easy mounting of LUMONITE Compass, Vector and Pixel lights on work helmets. Fits almost all types of work helmets. WE RECOMMEND!

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  1. Bra grej!
    Eklund J 3.1.2024
  2. Sitter perfekt på min UVEX ridhjälm!
    U P 6.12.2023
  3. Passar skitbra på ridhjälmen
    Levin H 5.12.2023
  4. tuplaruuvi olikin 6/5
    Sergejeff J 30.11.2023
  5. Runko-osa taipuu, kun kiinnitysruuveja kiristää. Ei anna kovin vakuuttavaa kuvaa. Tuntuu että kiinnike irtoaa pienestäkin pususta.
    Berg T 29.9.2023
  6. Ei vaan mahdu PETZL kypärään
    L J 28.8.2023
    Valostore: Hei! Pahoittelut että tuote ei ole vastannut odot...
  7. Saa sillä lampun kiinni pottaan
    A T 31.7.2023
  8. Funkar perfekt för mig.
    Evertsson K 16.7.2023
  9. Hyvä ja kätevä
    Hokkanen E 4.4.2023
  10. Mycket bra 👌🏼
    Berg J 18.1.2023
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Quick mount Releasy™ for easy mounting of LUMONITE Compass, Vector and Pixel lights on work helmets. Fits almost all types of work helmets. WE RECOMMEND!


LUMONITE Releasy™ Helmet Mount is a revolutionary product - Never before has mounting high performance lights on work helmets been easier. A completely newly developed quick attachment where the lamp is simply clicked into place and removed when necessary. The bracket is screwed on with the supplied device (screw) and mounted on the helmet screen. The mount basically fits all work helmets with a visor. The bracket has a robust but at the same time sufficiently flexible metal buckle to also be able to hold Lumonite lamps (Compass, Vector, Pixel) in place. All Lumonite compass lamps sit very firmly, giving you a guaranteed light source. Perfect accessory!

In addition to the helmet mount itself, a rubber ring is included to further strengthen the light when mounted in the mount, which can be useful in a bumpy work environment. If necessary, the lamp is easy to click out of the bracket. The entire construction weighs only 32 grams. Therefore, there is really no reason to remove the bracket from the helmet when the lamp is not in place.


The mount is perfect for all compact lamps from LUMONITE, such as the immensely popular Lumonite Compass, Lumonite Vector and Lumonite Pixel. Because the new Lumonite head mount uses the same Releasy™ mount, combining headlamp and helmet light has never been easier.


  • LUMONITE Releasy™ Helmet mount
  • Two mounting screws
  • Longer mounting screws
  • Extra rubber ring for increased stability
  • Rubber plate glued to the bracket
  • Assembly instructions printed on the packaging

Key features

  • Simple mounting of the lamp in the quick-release bracket
  • The lamp is removed just as quickly when it is to be used for other purposes (headlamp, flashlight, bicycle lamp, etc.)
  • Fits most work helmets, riding helmets etc.
  • Doesn't affect the function of the helmet and thus not its safety requirements either
  • Easy to install the bracket on the helmet
  • Weight only 32 grams! Does not need to be removed when the lamp is not in use
  • Material: Plastic body with metal details
  • 2 year warranty
  • Website:

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