Auxiliary light Purelux Panther Aero S800 - Straight / 78 cm / 162W / Ref. 50

Super low and aerodynamic auxiliary light, equipped with e.g. With PowerBoost® technology and a wonderful combinated light pattern which tame the endless darkness. There is also a dual-color parking light! Measured light output 12361 lm, measured range 550 m @ 1 lux.

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Changing the power mode of the light between PowerBoost™ and traffic mode can be easily done by pressing the button at the end of the panel.

Super low and aerodynamic auxiliary light, equipped with e.g. With PowerBoost® technology and a wonderful combinated light pattern which tame the endless darkness. There is also a dual-color parking light! Measured light output 12361 lm, measured range 550 m @ 1 lux.



  • Two power modes (Purelux PowerBoost®)
  • A long-range combination beam
  • Pleasant 5000K color temperature
  • Aerodynamic and low structure
  • Stylish dual-color parking light
  • Unprecedented size-performance ratio
  • Edgeless Lexa polycarbonate lens
  • Easy installation with side- or rail brackets

Purelux Panther Aero S800 is an auxiliary light with a low and aerodynamic design that, in addition to its modern appearance, combines optimal size-to-power ratio and top-notch performance, enhancing the driving experience! Panther Aero S800 boasts a sleek profile, and its contemporary look is realized thanks to its frameless frame and dark aesthetics. All the Panther series light bars come equipped with dual-color parking lights and, most importantly, Purelux PowerBoost® technology. This means the auxiliary light can be activated in either the restricted E-marked power mode or the PowerBoost mode. The unrestricted PowerBoost® mode surpasses the E-mark standard, delivering a measured light output of 12,361 lumens with a measured range of 550 meters at 1 lux.

Panther Aero S800 provides an ideal light pattern for navigating the challenging dark roads of the Nordic region, offering both long-range illumination and broad coverage for lighting up the road edges. The light pattern is softly delineated vertically, ensuring light is directed precisely where needed. This also allows for installation closer to the road surface. Despite the vertical limitation, the light pattern maintains adequate height to illuminate uneven terrain and avoid sharp shadows. Panther's balanced and combined light pattern enhances driving safety by extending the driver's reaction time to detect obstacles through larger illuminated areas.

Purelux PowerBoost® - Most auxiliary lights sold today come with what is known as an E-marking. This signifies that the auxiliary lights must be power-limited to meet the traffic approval requirements in certain European countries. These regulations may not apply to every country; some countries might have special exceptions. To comply with these regulations, manufacturers produce auxiliary lights with E-markings, enabling them to be sold throughout the entire European market. Consequently, the output is limited in nearly all additional lights. However, by activating the PowerBoost® mode, you can bypass the E-marking and unleash the full potential of the auxiliary lights when the approval is not needed, in for example offroad or rally uses.

Purelux Panther Aero S800 is an auxiliary light designed to excel in the most demanding conditions of the northern regions, ready to tackle extreme situations as routine. Its size allows for discreet and stylish installation both under the license plate and on the roof, suitable for passenger cars and heavy equipment. With its PowerBoost mode, the auxiliary light is also suitable for larger off-road vehicles and work machinery that require extra power. Regardless of the vehicle type, Panther Aero S800 enhances the driving experience and boosts road safety, making it an excellent choice for both professional and private driving.

The 5000K color temperature has been optimized for the challenging Nordic conditions, ensuring a comfortable driving experience even in situations like night driving or snowy landscapes. The balanced color temperature makes it easier to observe terrain shapes and contours without straining the eyes during long drives. Additionally, a 5000 Kelvin color temperature is better suited than cooler color temperatures for adverse weather conditions like fog and rain. The 5000K color temperature also complements newer vehicles equipped with LED or Xenon headlights

Unlike usual, no extra cord needs to be connected or disconnected to activate the lamp's different power modes, but switching between PowerBoost® and road mode is unprecedentedly easy by pressing the button at the end of the lamp. The last used power mode remains in the lamp's "memory", and thus there is no need, for example, in road traffic use, to ensure that the lamp always turns on at maximum power, when the power is turned off in between and the car starts moving again.

NOTE! The difference between PowerBoost® and road traffic mode is clearly noticeable in use - PowerBoost® is significantly more efficient. PowerBoost® is designed for off-road use.

"Notorious Panther performance"

"Purelux Panther series is made with uncompromising quality and top of the line performance. Every feature is finely tuned to fit any type of situation and vehicle. Don't hesitate, ride with the Panther!” - Purelux

The auxiliary light's edgeless lens is crafted from UV-protective and virtually unbreakable polycarbonate, making it resistant to both stone chips and scratches from branches. This edgeless design also prevents the accumulation of snow, ice, or dirt, ensuring that the lens remains clean even when driving in adverse weather conditions.

Furthermore, the fixture itself is optimized for rugged use, thanks to its powder-coated and UV-protected aluminum construction. This helps it withstand scratches, fading, and other harsh conditions, while also providing excellent resistance to corrosion. The auxiliary light boasts an IP68/IP69K protection rating, showcasing its durability and compact structure. With its sleek appearance and parking lights that can shine in either white or orange, the auxiliary light is truly irresistible, a visual delight! Perhaps even the market's most attractive LED light bar?

The auxiliary light comes with both traditional side mounts and width-adjustable beam mounts underneath the light, offering numerous installation possibilities. Installation is made easy with the 2-pole DTP connector already pre-installed on the auxiliary light's power cable, and its wide operating voltage range (9-32 V) allows for installation in both 12V and 24V systems. The auxiliary light's reference number (17.5) permits installation alongside nearly all standard auxiliary lights without rendering the original ones unusable. Additionally, the auxiliary light is protected against radio interference as per the ECE R10 standard. It comes with a two-year (24 months) warranty!

Valostore's comment on the Purelux Panther Aero series: "A very attractive and elegant additional light series, with a suitable size model for every object. The low design of the panels allows installation even in tight spaces, for example behind the mask, if you want the installation to be as inconspicuous as possible. Stylish and modern, the appearance with parking lights works of course also in visible installation locations, and thanks to their low air resistance, the lights are also well suited for ceiling installation. Each model in the series is extremely tough in terms of size-to-power ratio, and their very pleasant combined beam with a color temperature of 5000 Kelvin is as if made for the dark roads of Finland. Of course, it is also worth noting that the power mode of the lamps can be changed at the push of a button!"

Comparison table for the key specifications of the Purelux Panther Aero models:

  Purelux Panther Aero
  S300 S540 S800 S1050
Light output (lm) 3930 / 1979 8151 / 3241 12361 / 6564 16061 / 6399
Range (m) 352 / 264 479 of 303 550 / 405 586 / 375
Input power (W) 54 / 23 125 / 35 191 / 74 203 / 76
Ref. - / 17.5 - / 25 - / 50 - / 50

The readings in the table are measurements, and the model-specific data includes the measurement results for both Purelux PowerBoost® and road traffic mode (PowerBoost® / Road traffic mode). Ranges are indicated for one lux (@ 1 lux)

Purelux Panther auxiliary lights come in single-row and dual-row configurations, with each series featuring four distinct models. Explore the full range of Panther auxiliary lights through the links below:

Single-row (Aero series) models:

Two-row models:

Basic delivery content

  • Purelux Panther Aero S800
  • 2 x Width-adjustable rail mounts
  • 2 x Traditional side mounts
  • Power cable with connector
  • Connection and installation instructions (FI/SE/NO/DK)

Delivery contents (1 pc - Complete set)

Technical specification

  • Brand and model: Purelux Panther Aero S800
  • Area of use: As an additional light in cars / Off-Road vehicles / work machines
  • LED: 27 x 6W
  • Operating voltage: 9-36 V (DC)
  • Reference number: 50
  • Estimated power: 162 W
  • Power consumption measured by Valostore
    • Purelux PowerBoost®: 15.9A @ 12V / 6.20A @ 24V
    • Standard: 6.16A @ 12V / 2.75A @ 24V
  • Power measured by Valostore
    • Purelux PowerBoost®: 191 W @ 12V / 149 W @ 24V
    • Standard: 74W @ 12V / 66W @ 24V
  • Light output stated by the manufacturer: 11000 lm (Purelux PowerBoost®)
    • Measured by Valostore: 12361 lm (Purelux PowerBoost®)
    • Measured by Valostore: 6564 lm (Standard)
  • Range stated by the manufacturer: 598 m @ 1 lux (Purelux PowerBoost®) / 468 m @ 1 lux (Standard)
    • Measured by Valostore: 550 m @ 1 lux / 1100 m @ 0.25 lux / (Purelux PowerBoost®)
    • Measured by Valostore: 405 m @ 1 lux / 810 m @ 0.25 lux (Standard)
  • Color temperature stated by the manufacturer: 5000 K
    • Measured by Valostore: 5079 K
  • Mounting: Via side bracket or rail brackets - included
  • Connector: Deutsch DTP-2
    • Separate wires for parking lights, no connector
  • Cable length: 50 cm
  • Dimensions: 783 x 42 x 62.5 mm (Width x Height x Depth)
    • Height with end legs: 57 mm
    • Height with lower legs: 62 mm
  • Weight: 2250 g
  • IP-rating: IP68/IP69K
  • Approvals: CE, ECE R10, R7, R112*
    • *Road traffic approval does not apply to PowerBoost® mode
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Importer:

Installation guide

You can find the manufacturer's connection and installation instructions (FI/SE/NO/DK) by clicking here .

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