Bicycle helmet lamp LUMONITE® Pixel, 250 lm

Very small and compact lamp with high performance despite its size. Easy on and off mounting on your bicycle helmet. 250 lumens with 80 meter range. Multifunctional as a flashlight, headlamp and can also be attached to the bicycle handlebar. WE RECOMMEND!

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  1. Suverän hjälm lampa. Kan inte bli bättre ljus. Så är den laddnings bar med. Även kan man byta mellan pannlampa och hjälm lampa. Även fästa den på cyke...
    Hansson J 7.2.2024
  2. Loistava valo, valoa riittää keskiteholla hyvin syyspimeyteen, vielä paremmin toki talvella. Yksi miinus kun ei sattunut kypärän muotoilu kohdilleen e...
    Store J 21.9.2021
Product Faq
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The same attached bracket can also be advantageously mounted on the bicycle handlebar! The lamp can be placed in any direction.

The lamp is charged very easily using the supplied magnetic charger. The charger connects to a regular USB port, which makes charging very easy!

Thanks to the included Lumonite Releasy headband, the Lumonite Pixel works just as well as an efficient headlamp. The lamp is also very easy to remove from the headband and in this way the lamp also functions as a normal flashlight.

Very small and compact lamp with high performance despite its size. Easy on and off mounting on your bicycle helmet. 250 lumens with 80 meter range. Multifunctional as a flashlight, headlamp and can also be attached to the bicycle handlebar. WE RECOMMEND!

LUMONITE Pixel is a very compact and durable rechargeable LED headlamp developed in Finland . Pixel is developed with the immensely popular Lumonite Compass fantastic properties as a basis - just like Compass, Pixel offers quality through simplicity! Thanks to its light weight and compact size, the Pixel is easy to carry, and the great performance and ease of use make this lamp a perfect companion in almost any situation. Great performance at a low price!

Together with the Lumonite Releasy Bike V2 bicycle mount, you can easily move and attach your LUMONITE Pixel to your bicycle handlebars or to your helmet, depending on what suits your riding style best. The continuously 360° rotatable bracket means that the light image can be easily adjusted so that it always points forward, regardless of the position in which you put the bracket. Thanks to its quick assembly, it is very easy to assemble the bracket. The smart Releasy™ function also makes it possible to detach the lamp in no time and have it in your hand when, for example, charging or when you need a loose flashlight. How convenient doesn't that sound?

The lamp's fine performance despite its small and flexible size means that it fits perfectly as a bicycle lamp for e.g. bicycle commuting. LUMONITE Pixel provides a combination light image that provides light both lengthwise and to the sides, which means you get a nice field of vision when cycling. With its customizable power modes, the lamp allows you to easily adjust the light flow, as the need for light does not have to be the same on, for example, a paved cycle path as on a darker forest path.

Thanks to its light weight, size and impressive light output, the LUMONITE Pixel is also suitable for activities other than cycling. Thanks to the included Lumonite Releasy headband, the LUMONITE Pixel works just as well as an efficient headlamp that has a given place in most camping bags and backpacks. The lamp is also very easy to remove from the headband and in this way the lamp also functions as a normal flashlight. The lamp with batteries weighs only 62 grams, which means that it can be used without becoming an obstacle. With its power/weight, the LUMONITE Pixel is absolutely world class!

The lamp is made in one piece - in other words, it has no moving parts that can be damaged. The lamp is completely waterproof and extremely shock-resistant, and works perfectly even in the most demanding conditions of use. The design has omitted all non-essential details, e.g. strobe mode, so that the lamp is as easy to use as possible.

Pixel is also equipped with a smart and popular magnetic charging function - Lumonite Touch. The innovative charger is attached directly to the base of the lamp with a magnet, and receives its power through a modern USB port. Charging therefore goes smoothly both in the car and at home - or just about anywhere where you have access to a USB adapter. Only two hours are needed to fully charge the lamp's battery! The lamp's lens glows red while charging, and changes to green when the lamp is fully charged.

Thanks to the quick attachment on the flexible Lumonite Releasy™ headband, the lamp can be detached in just a couple of seconds. If necessary, it is therefore easy to detach the lamp to use it as a flashlight. There is also a smart wrist strap for that purpose. The headband has been improved from previous models, with better elasticity and a slightly wider band of 30mm, which means it sits very firmly on the head.


  • Lumonite Pixel LED Headlamp
  • Built-in battery
  • Lumonite Releasy™ headband with quick release
  • Lumonite Touch USB Charger
  • Manual (SE, EN, FI, NO)
  • Bicycle mount LUMONITE Releasy Bike V2

Technical specification

  • Brand and model: Lumonite Pixel
  • Power source: Built-in 850 mAh Li-ion battery
  • Measured maximum luminous flux: 250 lm
  • Measured maximum range: 80 m
  • Light cone: Combination with wide spot
  • Charging time (0-100%): 2 h
  • Protection class: IPX8 (withstands immersion to a depth of 2 m)
  • Impact resistance: 1.5 m
  • Material and color: black aluminum
  • Button lock
  • Weight (with battery): 62 g
  • Dimensions: 21 x 27 x 67 mm
  • Warranty: 60 months
  • Importer: Handshake Trading Oy /

Power modes

  • High: 250 lm / 1 h 55 min / 80 m
  • Med: 90 ch / 6 h 15 min / 45 m
  • Low: 25 ch / 19 h / 25 m
  • Moonlight: 1.5 lm / 15 days

Lumonite Pixel is equipped with a built-in high-capacity lithium-ion battery. Thanks to the integrated charging function, there is no need for an external charger. In comparison to corresponding compact headlamps in the same price range, the Pixel is far ahead in all areas. Pixel delivers the market's best performance in terms of its compact format and price range. The lamp delivers a constant light of 250 lumens for almost two hours, before it slowly decreases in brightness. Very impressive for a lamp of this size and price range!

The lamp provides a combination light cone, plenty of scattered light and a wide powerful hotspot in the middle for longer reach. Very versatile, suitable for demanding work, running and much more. At medium power, which provides enough light for many work areas, the battery lasts a full 4 hours. Usually, smaller lights are not very well suited for use in freezing temperatures, but the Pixel can withstand temperatures down to -15°C. If you want a lamp that can withstand even colder temperatures (below -20°), we recommend the more powerful Lumonite Compass R.

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