Auxiliary light Purelux Black X-Slim S520 Gen2 - Straight / 52 cm / 105W / Ref. 50

A stylish additional light panel with a slender and low body (height 40 mm), two-color parking light and two different power modes. Measured light output 7075 lm, measured range 545 m @ 1 lux.

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  1. great product, with double lighting, I see like in broad daylight, great!
    H P 10.1.2024
  2. Bra set och smidig installation. Tack för grymt bra monteringsvideo (Polestar) , det gjorde jobbet lättare för mig. Enda negativa är att skruvarna i...
    Höjstedt M 11.7.2024
  3. Bra ramp, Mycket ljus för pengarna! XBB är verkligen en rekommendation om man har en nyare bil med CAN-bus system.
    Ta A 12.4.2024
  4. Toimii ja nopea toimitus
    L P 29.2.2024
  5. XBB är helt suverän. Rampen är jag supernöjd med. Vill inte ha för stor Skilnad mellan halv och helljus så valde en lite svagare och mer slimmad ram...
    +2 more
    Storback S 25.2.2024
  6. Juuri sellainen kuin kuvaus kertoo. Hinta-laatusuhde 5/5. Valokeila hieman pistemäinen, mutta toimii.
    Kuukkanen J 23.2.2024
  7. Får alt du trenger i pakken, ser bra ut og lyser godt. Fornøyd!
    M F 30.1.2024
  8. Asennus oli valon ja ”raudan” osalta helppoa, sai hyvin kiinni ja ei tarvinnut tehdä polvien välissä. Mukana tullut johtosarja oli jo laadukkaan tuntu...
    +1 more
    H N 17.1.2024
  9. Mycket ljus för pengarna när man har Power Bossten igång (rekommenderar för budget klass)
    Gustafsson D 11.1.2024
  10. Passer lige i øjnene på en sladderhank
    Birk M 28.12.2023
Product Faq
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A stylish additional light panel with a slender and low body (height 40 mm), two-color parking light and two different power modes. Measured light output 7075 lm, measured range 545 m @ 1 lux.

Purelux Black X-Slim S520 Gen2 is part of its manufacturer's updated Black X-Slim additional light series, which brings top quality to an affordable price range. The panel has received both an external and an internal facelift: the renewed S520 Gen2 version has a two-color parking light (orange and white) and two different power modes, and the light pattern has also been updated to be even better. Thanks to two different power modes, the panel can be used with a unique selection integrated into the user interface (see more below) to switch on either the more moderate power mode approved for road traffic, or the more powerful PowerBoost® mode designed for off-road use. Already in the power mode approved for road traffic, the S520 Gen2 offers measured light output almost twice as much as the previous model (4079 lm), and when the PowerBoost® mode is switched on, the light output measured from the panel rises to up to 7075 lumens, with a measured range of 545 meters @ 1 lux.

Note! You can clearly see the difference between Purelux PowerBoost® and road traffic mode - PowerBoost® mode is significantly more efficient and should not be used when driving in normal road traffic, only off-road .

The spotlight of the S520 Gen2 combines exactly the elements you need on a winding, dark road: in the middle of the light pattern, you can find a clear, long-range so-called main spot, i.e. a bright, long-range main beam, in addition to which a wide beam expands laterally from both sides to illuminate the road from side to side right from the bow. The light beam is shaped flat with renewed reflectors, so that the light is not wasted in front of the bow or on the tops of the trees. The biggest difference between the curved and straight body models is the width of the light beam: the curved body spreads the light beam horizontally wide, and the main beam in the middle is twice as wide as the straight model. Correspondingly, in the direct version, the entire light output of the main spot is directed straight ahead, so that the range of the light can be maximized. When comparing cones, it is therefore recommended to choose a curved version when looking for a wide cone and improving overall visibility. If the car's own lights illuminate the first approx. 50-100 meters well and you want to invest more in range, the right choice is the direct model. The color temperature of the panel is 5700 Kelvin. Due to its size, the S520 Gen2 is an excellent choice, e.g. for the front of a passenger car, for a traditional shield rack installation or, for example, embedded in the air intake.

The light has retained the narrow and graceful design that already appears in the name, as well as the black body and dark optics, which give the panel an elegant and modern look. In the Gen2 version, dark optics have now also been brought to the parking light, thanks to which the parking light bar running along the lower edge of the panel stands out from the light only when the parking light is on, which makes the light stylish both when switched on and off. The frames of the panels of the Black X-Slim series are made of powder-coated and durable aluminum alloy and the lenses of virtually unbreakable polycarbonate, and the lights are completely protected against water and dust according to the IP69K classification. The frameless lens of the lights prevents the accumulation of snow, ice and dirt in front of the lens, thanks to which the beam of light is not covered as easily as with additional lights equipped with a frame.

Installation is easy by using the DT-2 connector on the power cord of the light, and the width-adjustable lower legs and end legs that come with the package provide plenty of mounting options. Wide operating voltage (9-32V) enables installation in both 12V and 24V systems. The lamp is protected against radio interference according to the ECE R10 standard. Two-year (24 months) warranty!

The Purelux Black X-Slim series includes both straight and curved additional lights. You can get to know the other models from the links below.

Straight models

Curved models

Basic delivery content

  • Purelux Black X-Slim S520 Gen2
  • 2 x Width-adjustable lower legs
  • 2 x End feet
  • Power cable counterpart
  • Connection and installation instructions (EN/FI/SE/NO/DK)

Delivery contents (1 pc - Complete set)

Delivery contents (1 pc - Complete set with flush mounting bracket)

Note! You can buy the complete sets above either as they are OR you can also take the  XBB OBD Dongle & PowerUnit connection relay (see product options), which allows the additional light to be connected to CAN-bus controlled lights as well. In short, the connection using this relay is carried out by inserting the control device (OBD Dongle) into the car's OBD-II port and replacing the PowerUnit relay with the original relay of the supplied wiring harness. The control device placed in the OBD port catches the high beam signal from the CAN bus and sends the information completely wirelessly to the relay in the wiring harness, which in turn controls the additional light according to this signal.

See the car models compatible with the XBB Dongle & PowerUnit connection relay here.

Technical information

  • Brand and model: Purelux Black X-Slim S520 Gen2
  • Purpose: As an additional light in cars / Off-Road vehicles / work machines
  • LED: Osram
  • Operating voltage: 9-32 V
  • Reference number: 50
  • Calculated power: 105 W
  • Power consumption measured by Valostore
    • Purelux PowerBoost®: 7.36A @ 12V / 3.68A @ 24V
    • Road mode: 4.24A @ 12V / 2.12A @ 24V
  • Power measured by Valostore:
    • Purelux PowerBoost®: 88.3 W @ 24V
    • Road mode: 50.9 W @ 24V
  • Light output declared by the manufacturer: 8820 lm (Purelux PowerBoost®)
    • Measured by Valostore: 7075 lm (Purelux PowerBoost®)
    • Measured by Valostore: 4079 lm (Traffic condition)
  • Range measured by Valostore:
    • Purelux PowerBoost®: 545 m @ 1 lux / 1090 m @ 0.25 lux
    • Road traffic mode: 410 m @ 1 lux / 820 m @ 0.25 lux
  • Color temperature stated by the manufacturer: 5700 K
    • Measured by Valostore: 5713 K
  • Fastening: End legs, width-adjustable lower legs
  • Connector: Deutch DT-2
    • The parking lights + wires are separate
  • Cable length: 50 cm
  • Dimensions: 522 x 40 x 54 mm (Width x Height x Depth)
    • Height with end legs: 49 mm
    • Height with lower legs: 51 mm
  • Weight: 1360 g
  • IP rating: IP69K
  • Approvals: ECE: R10, R148, R149*
    • *Road traffic approval does not apply to PowerBoost® mode
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Importer:

Installation guide


  • DT-2 connector: Additional light connection
  • White: White parking light
  • Yellow: Orange parking light

Changing the power mode with UI technology: The first time the lamp is used, it lights up in the E-approved mode. To change the power mode, turn the light off for five seconds, then turn the light on for two seconds, and turn the light off and on 3 times in five seconds to change the power mode. Repeat to change the power mode again.

You can find the manufacturer's connection and installation instructions (FI/SE/NO/DK/EN) by clicking here.

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