Auxiliary light Purelux Black Boost S360 Gen2 - Straight / 36 cm / 120W / Ref. 37.5

Stylish two-row auxiliary light panel with dark optics and profile, equipped with two-colour parking light and two different power modes. Great performance at a great price! Measured light output 7723 lm, measured range 558 m @ 1 lux.

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Stylish two-row auxiliary light panel with dark optics and profile, equipped with two-colour parking light and two different power modes. Great performance at a great price! Measured light output 7723 lm, measured range 558 m @ 1 lux.

The Purelux Black Boost S360 Gen2 is part of the manufacturer's updated Black range, which brings top quality and high performance to a low price range. The upgraded S360 Gen2 has received both an external and internal facelift, with the Gen2 version introducing features such as a dual-colour parking light (orange and white) and two different power modes, as well as an updated light pattern for even better light output. The two different power modes allow the panel to be used with a unique selection integrated in the user interface (see "The two power modes"). More below) to activate either the more moderate power mode for road use, or the more powerful PowerBoost® mode for off-road use. With the road-approved power mode, the S360 Gen2 provides a measured light output of a modest 3650 lumens, and with the unlimited PowerBoost®, the measured light output of the panel rises to up to 7723 lumens with a measured range of 558 meters @ 1 lux, an impressive performance for a panel of this size.

Note! Thedifference between Purelux PowerBoost® and road mode is clearly visible in use - PowerBoost® mode is significantly more powerful and should not be used in normal road driving, only off-road.

The S360 Gen2 headlamp combines exactly the elements you need on a winding, dark road: a bright and clear main spotlight in the centre of the headlamp, offering a long range, with both sides of the headlamp opening up laterally to a wide wedge from the side of the road - starting right at the front. The beam is shaped flat with redesigned reflectors, so that light is not unnecessarily directed to the front of the bow or into the treetops. The panel has a colour temperature of 5700 kelvin. The S360 Gen2 is powerful enough for its size to work well as a single auxiliary light for a vehicle, but its compact size also allows it to be mounted in a double row, for example, to double the light output.

The light retains the black body and dark optics already evident in the name, giving the panel a sleek and contemporary look. The Gen2 version also brings dark optics to the parking light, which means that the parking light bar in the centre of the lens only stands out when the light is on, making it stylish both on and off. The Black Series panels feature powder-coated, durable aluminium alloy bodies and virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lenses, and are fully water and dustproof to IP69K rating. The bezel-free front of the headlamps prevents snow, ice and dirt from accumulating in front of the lens, which means that the headlamp is less likely to become obscured while driving than additional bezel-mounted headlamps.

Installation is easy using the DT-2 connector provided on the light's power cord, and the included width-adjustable lower legs and end feet provide a wide range of mounting options. The wide operating voltage range (9-32V) allows installation on both 12V and 24V systems. The luminaire is radio interference immunity according to ECE R10 standard. Two-year (24 months) warranty!

The Purelux Black Boost series includes both straight and curved auxiliary lights. To see the other models, click on the links below.

Straight models

Curved models

Basic delivery content ( 1 piece / 2 pieces)

  • Purelux Black Boost S360 Gen2
  • 2 x Width adjustable lower legs
  • 2 x Headrests
  • Power cable connector
  • Connection and installation instructions (EN/SE/NO/DK/FI)

Contents of delivery (1 piece - Complete set of bottom brackets)

Delivery contents (1 piece - Complete set End fixing)

Technical specifications

  • Make and model: Purelux Black Boost S360 Gen2
  • Purpose of use: as an auxiliary light in cars / Off-Road vehicles / work machines
  • LED: Osram
  • Operating voltage: 9-32 V
  • Reference number: 37.5
  • Rated power: 120 W
  • Power consumption measured by the luminaire
    • Purelux PowerBoost®: 8.325A @ 12V / 4.16A @ 24V
    • Road mode: 4A @ 12V / 2A @ 24V
  • Power measured by the luminaire:
    • Purelux PowerBoost®: 99.9 W @ 24V
    • Road mode: 48 W @ 24V
  • Manufacturer's declared light output: 10080 lm (Purelux PowerBoost®)
    • Measured by photometer: 7723 lm (Purelux PowerBoost®)
    • Lamp measured: 3650 lm (Road mode)
  • Range measured by the luminaire: 558 m @ 1 lux / 1116 m @ 0.25 lux (Purelux PowerBoost®)
  • Range measured by the photocell: 383 m @ 1 lux / 766 m @ 0.25 lux (Road mode)
  • Manufacturer's stated colour temperature: 5700 K
    • Measured by the photometer: 5730 K
  • Mounting: end feet, width adjustable lower feet
  • Connector: DT-2
    • Parking light + wires separately
  • Cable length: 50 cm
  • Dimensions: 357 x 70 x 67 mm (Width x Height x Depth)
    • Height with end caps: 86 mm
    • Height with lower legs: 89 mm
  • Weight: 1500 g
  • IP rating: IP69K
  • Approvals:ECE: R10, R148, R149*
    • * Roadworthiness approval does not apply to PowerBoost® mode
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Importer:

Installation guide


  • DT-2 connector: auxiliary light connection
  • White: White parking light
  • Yellow: Orange parking light

Changing the power mode with UI technology: the first time the lamp is used, it is lit in the E-approved mode. To change the power mode, turn the light off for 5 seconds, then turn the light on for 2 seconds, then turn the light off and on 3 times in 5 seconds to change the power mode. Repeat to change the power mode again.

Click here for the manufacturer's wiring and installation guide (EN/SE/NO/DK/FI).

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