Relay cable set Purelux Pro Series 12V, DT-2

Complete and easy-to-use relay cable set for connecting additional lights. Includes all parts needed for installation. Recommended!

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  1. kaapeliliittimet olis voinu olla isommala reiällä
    Pihlajamäki T 28.12.2023
  2. Svin bra
    Thornestedt H 27.12.2023
  3. Ok laatu, ensivaikutelma parempi kuin Puuilosta ostettu edellinen setti..
    Sandvik M 15.12.2023
  4. Fungerer veldig bra
    Z S 13.12.2023
  5. Helppo ja nopee asennus valmiilla johto sarjalla.
    Markkila J 9.12.2023
  6. Kätevä ja edullinen tapa kytkeä 4 lisävaloa.
    Syväsalo J 8.12.2023
  7. 5
    Varis M 4.12.2023
  8. Kjempe fornøyd med produktet, og det fungerer som det skal.
    Frydenlund B 27.11.2023
  9. Funker helt topp
    E E 24.11.2023
  10. Ok
    J T 16.11.2023
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Complete and easy-to-use relay cable set for connecting additional lights. Includes all parts needed for installation. Recommended!

The Purelux ProSerie relay cable set is the solution for easy and convenient installation of additional lights. Other relay cables on the market often require the purchase of connectors from around the world etc. depending on the connection method, but this relay kit contains everything you need.

The Purelux relay cable kit can be fitted with one to four high beams, depending on the model. A relay wiring kit with one connector is enough to connect a single lamp, but if you intend to add another lamp (or more) in parallel, it is a good idea to buy a relay wiring kit with at least two connectors, and leave the extra connectors unused first. The relay cable kit fits directly into the 12V system.

Simple connection:

The cable set has a total of three cables to be connected:

  1. DT connector. Connect to the additional light's DT connector. If there is no DT connector and you want to connect to a cable stub, you can cut off the connector.
  2. Control current. Connect the blue cable to the car's electrical system that turns on the high beams. A simple solution is to connect a "thief" on the car's existing plus supply to the high beams. Then the LED light bar is switched on at the same time as the main beam is switched on.
  3. Power source. Connect red cable (positive pole) and black cable (earth/minus pole) to the car's power source, for example junction box or battery. Done!

Technical specification

  • Make and model: Relay cable set 12V Purelux Extra light DT connector
  • Area of use: Connecting additional lights on vehicles
  • Deutch DT connectors for 1-4 high beams
  • Splash-proof fuse box
  • Cable length from relay to lights approx. 2 meters (also suitable for trucks)
  • Fits 12V system
  • Power thief contacts included
  • Warranty: 12 months
1 exit 2 outputs 3 outputs 4 outputs
Max. effect 180W 360W (180W / plug) 400W (however max. 180W / plug) 480W (however max. 180W / plug)
Cable thickness (from battery to relay) 1.5 mm² 2.5mm² 4mm² 4mm²
Cable thickness (from relay to auxiliary light) 1.5 mm² 1.5 mm² 1.5 mm² 1.5 mm²
Fuse 15A 30A 40A 40A
Relay 40A 12V 40A 12V 60A 12V 60A 12V

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