Olight Spare batteries - Several models

Top quality HDC Li-ion battery with a discharge current of up to 10 Amps.

Product number: HS5035

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  1. Superbra.
    Erfass P 12.3.2024
  2. Pitkä käyttöaika latauksen jälkeen hyvä tuote kiitos
    Vornanen K 4.1.2023
  3. Kestää vähän paremmin käyttöä
    Eteläpää P 21.12.2022
  4. Taattua laatua
    Koivuranta V 10.11.2022
  5. Det er det eneste batteri der passer i en Olight R50, og de kan være svære at finde, så jeg er meget tilfreds.
    Hermansen O 3.11.2022
  6. Tänkte att de var dags att byta batteri då de andra hade laddats över 1000 gånger, de hade säkert klarat ett tag till men alltid trevligt att ha ett f...
    Lindkvist T 6.6.2022
  7. bra stå på
    Teppdalen J 18.10.2021
  8. Toimiva akku
    Ilves I 21.1.2021
  9. Super gode de forlenget lystiden på turbo mode
    Herigstad T 21.12.2020
  10. Akku mielestäni hyvin suorituskykyinen.
    Niit-ström M 22.9.2020
Product Faq
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Top quality HDC Li-ion battery with a discharge current of up to 10 Amps.

Original Olight spare batteries for several models. Some of Olight's lamps require customized batteries due to e.g. built-in charging function or high discharge current. All batteries are lithium-ion batteries of the highest quality.

There are several product choices, some batteries fit several lamps, but have different capacities (battery life).

  • S1R - 550 mAh (Does NOT fit S1R II)
  • S1R-II - 550 mAh
  • S2R-II - 3200 mAh
  • R20/S2R/S30R - 2600mAh
  • R20/S2R/S30R - 3500 mAh
  • S80/R40/R50/R50 PRO - 4500 mAh
  • M2R/X7/Warrior X (Not PRO)- 3500 mAh (HDC battery)
  • Seeker 2 (PRO / Warrior X PRO / M2R PRO) - 5000 mAh

General technical specification

  • Battery type: Custom lithium-ion battery
  • Protection circuit: overcharge, over discharge and short circuit
  • Panasonic battery cell
  • Lifetime: 500+ charging cycles (after that the capacity starts to decrease)
  • 12 month manufacturing warranty

Note! These batteries are tailored to fit Olight flashlights that require special batteries. Check compatibility with other devices before choosing a battery! If you need other li-ion batteries, they are here.

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