LED lantern AGGE Radiance, 380 lm

A beautiful LED lantern with four different operating modes, which is suitable for home, cottage and camping use as well! Declared light output 450 lm, stepless power adjustment. IPX4 rating. The package contains everything you need!

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  1. no
    Bratlie B 12.2.2024
  2. Tosi kaunis, kevyt ja tehokas valaisin moneen käyttöön. Pieni miinus valon ominaisuudesta, eli säätönupin "hitaudesta", mutta tämä ei vaikuta käyttöön...
    Salomaa H 22.1.2024
  3. On hieno!
    Friman M 16.1.2024
  4. Hauska ja oikeastaan ihan tyylikäs led-tuikku, joka on valaissut mökillä huussissa ja toiminut keittiölamppuna parin sähkökatkon aikana. Ei paha👍
    Z H 5.1.2024
  5. Tämä oli niin kaunis lyhty että piti tilata joululahjaksi toinen samanlainen.
    J P 29.12.2023
  6. Loistava lamppu, sopiva akun kesto, portaaton valotehon säätö. Miinuksen napin toimivuus - todella hitaasti pitää nappia kääntää jotta se reagoi. Tunn...
    Kultima V 12.12.2023
  7. Todella kaunis ja helppo käyttää.
    Takkunen J 11.12.2023
  8. Sopii hyvin vaikka yövaloksi. Ulkonäön ja muotoilun vuoksi myös istuu hyvin sisustukseen. Teltta retkelle ainakin repussa kuljetettavaksi liian iso.
    Lyytikäinen T 2.12.2023
  9. Hyvä valoteho ja hienosti toimii!
    Kuusisto T 28.11.2023
  10. Kaunis ja kätevä kun valotehoa voi säätää portaattomasti.
    L S 16.11.2023
Product Faq
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A beautiful LED lantern with four different operating modes, which is suitable for home, cottage and camping use as well! Declared light output 450 lm, stepless power adjustment. IPX4 rating. The package contains everything you need!

AGGE Radiance is a stylish and versatile LED lantern, suitable for both home and camping use. Appropriately combining Scandinavian style and retro spirit, Radiance is equipped with four different operating modes: warm, neutral and cool white, as well as the so-called "Breathe" mode, where the light changes evenly and smoothly between dim and bright light, as if breathing. The warm white is excellent for, for example, atmospheric evenings on the backyard terrace or for dark evenings on camping trips, the neutral shade is well suited for working, reading or, for example, in front of the motor home to illuminate cooking, while the cold shade can be used, for example, to illuminate the paths of the summer house at night. Thanks to its stylish and timeless appearance, Radiance is also excellently suitable for mood lighting in interiors, regardless of the room and decor!

Radiance is very easy to use, as all its functions can be operated using the combined button/rotary switch on top of the lantern. The operating mode can be changed by pressing the switch, and the brightness can be infinitely adjusted by turning the same switch. When the maximum brightness has been reached, the lantern notifies you by flashing, which means that use is effortless even in pitch darkness. Radiance is equipped with an elegant carrying handle woven from rope, from which the lantern can be easily hung, for example, while walking on forest paths, or the lantern can be hung from it, for example, in a tent or on a terrace.

AGGE Radiance works with a built-in, high-performance 5200 mAh li-ion battery, which offers equal delivery time, depending on the operating and power mode used, from 2.5 hours to up to 180 hours. When the battery runs out, the lantern can be charged with the USB-C charging cable (included) from empty to full in about 7 hours, and the four indicator lights next to the switch indicate the charging progress. The lantern is protected against splash water with the IPX4 rating, which means that light rain showers or morning dew creeping into the tent from the night before will not prevent the use of the light outdoors. One year (12 months) warranty!

Delivery content

  • AGGE Radiance
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Manual

Technical specifikation

  • Brand and model: AGGE Radiance
  • Area of use: As a lantern, e.g. at home or when hiking
  • Power source: Built-in 2 x 18650 3.7V, 5200 mAh li-ion
  • Charging: USB-C
  • Charging time: approx. 7 h
  • Operating time: 2.5 - 180 h
  • Light output stated by the manufacturer: 380 lm
  • Manufacturer's stated color temperature: 2200 K / 4200 K / 5700 K
  • Operating modes: 4
  • Color: White or black
  • Dimensions: 116 x 195 mm
  • Weight: 550 g
  • IP rating: IPX4
  • Operating temperature: -10°C to +50°C
  • Storage temperature: -20°C to +60°C
  • Other: Stepless light output adjustment
  • Warranty: 12 months

Quick guide

On/Off: Press the switch to the bottom for approx. 1 second to turn the lantern on or off.

Changing the operating mode: Tap the switch to change the operating mode. The modes rotate with each press as follows: Warm white -> Breathe -> Cold white -> Neutral white.

Brightness adjustment: Turn the switch clockwise to increase the brightness of the lantern, and turn the switch counterclockwise to decrease the brightness. Adjusting the brightness between low and high power mode requires several turns of the switch. When the maximum power mode has been reached, the lantern will indicate this by flashing.

Charging: Connect one end of the USB-C charging cable to the lamp and the other to e.g. a computer's USB port or mains adapter. The indicator light flashes during charging. The battery charge is full when all four lights are on, you can check the charge level by pressing the switch while the light is off.

Note! When the battery charge is low, the lamp turns off.

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