Headlamp Petzl NAO RL 2022, 1500 lm

Powerful and ergonomic headlamp, equipped with Reactive Lightning technology. Declared luminous flux 1500 lm, range 200 m. Weight 145 g, suitable for ultra running, trail running and more!

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  1. Huippu kampe.Valoteho vähintäänkin riittävä. Niin kevyt että välillä unohtaa että lamppu on edes päässä.
    Hyytiainen J 10.11.2023
  2. On kyllä hyvä valaisin. Tehoa enemmän kuin tarpeeksi. Valokeila yltää leveälle ja pitkälle. Automaatilla välillä välkkyy, syytä hankala hahmottaa. Akk...
    Innanen K 31.10.2023
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The NAO RL is powered by an R1 battery that serves as both a power source for the headlamp and as a red auxiliary light. The unique battery can also be used as a power bank thanks to its USB-C port.

Powerful and ergonomic headlamp, equipped with Reactive Lightning technology. Declared luminous flux 1500 lm, range 200 m. Weight 145 g, suitable for ultra running, trail running and more!

The Petzl NAO RL is a powerful headlamp that has been designed for power and ergonomics in a compact format. The NAO RL is powered by a high-preset and rechargeable R1 3200 mAh Li-Ion battery placed at the back, which makes the headlamp balanced and ergonomic to use. The thin, flexible and adjustable headband is comfortable and easy to use, as the front part adapts to the user's head shape so the headlamp is comfortable even during longer periods of use. With a good fit, ergonomics and light weight (145 grams), the NAO RL is perfect for ultra running, trail running, hiking and much more!

The Petzl NAO RL is equipped with three power modes, which according to the manufacturer produce a luminous flux of 1500 lumens with a range of 200 meters at max. effect. The included R1 battery also functions as a red light with two power modes, a constant light and a flash function, which further increases the user's visibility. Depending on the power mode, the NAO RL has two types of light cones that are optimized for the area of use. A wide light cone (lower power mode) for working at close range, and a combined light cone (standard and max. power) for situations where you need a wide and long illumination.

The NAO RL belongs to the manufacturer's Performance series, which also means that the headlamp is equipped with Petzl's intelligent Reactive Lightning technology. The intelligent technology allows the headlamp's light sensors to automatically adjust the headlamp's power mode according to the ambient lighting. This contributes to a longer burning time, a more pleasant light image and a "hands free" use. With an automatic adjustment, the headlamp optimizes its operation, which increases the battery's capacity.

The headlamp's different power modes and functions are controlled with one and the same switch for easy use. With a lighter pressure, the power mode is adjusted in sequence low -> standard -> max. effect. With a longer press, manual mode is switched to Reactive Lightning, this can be easily checked by passing your hand over the lamp's sensor. The headlamp is powered by a rechargeable 3200 mAh battery that is charged directly via the battery's USB-C port. The battery is equipped with a battery indicator that shows the remaining battery capacity in five steps.

Note! You can find extra/spare battery for the headlamp here: Petzl R1, 3200 mAh


  • Headlamp Petzl NAO RL
  • Adjustable headband
  • R1 3200 mAh Li-Ion battery
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Storage bag
  • Instructions for use

Technical specification

  • Brand and model: Headlamp Petzl NAO RL 2022, 1500 lm
  • Area of use: As a headlamp for running and outdoor activities
  • Power source: R1 3200 mAh Li-Ion battery (included)
  • Charging time: Approx. 3 h
  • Manufacturer's reported luminous flux: 1500 lm
  • Manufacturer's reported range: 200 m
  • Light cone: Wide or combined
  • Effect Modes: 3 + Reactive Lightning
    • Power modes for R1 battery: 2 (constant and flash)
  • Weight: 145 g
  • Protection class: IPX4
  • Approvals: CE
  • Warranty: Lamp 5 years / Battery 2 years (300 charging cycles)

Operating time (manufacturer's information)

Manual mode

  • Max. output: 900 lm / 120 min / 2 h
  • Standard: 250 lm / 300 min / 5 h
  • Low power: 10 lm / 4800 min / 80 h
  • Red light (R1 battery)
    • Continuous light: 2 lm / 4680 min / 78 h
    • Flash: - / - / 78 h

Reactive Lightning

  • Max. output: 1500 lm / 120 min / 2 h
  • Standard: 550 lm / 300 min / 5 h
  • Low power: 250 lm / 600 min / 6 h

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