Headlamp Nitecore UT32, 1100 lm

Efficient 1100 lumen headlamp with two separate light sources. Choose between warm white and cool white light!

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Efficient 1100 lumen headlamp with two separate light sources. Choose between warm white and cool white light!

Nitecore UT32 is an efficient headlamp with a luminous flux of over 1000 lm. The special feature of this lamp is the dual LEDs with different color temperatures – one is cool white (5700K) and the other is warm white (3000K). The cold white light is very suitable for almost all areas of use, but in bad weather such as rain or fog, you can use the warm white light to get better visibility. Thanks to TrueVision technology, the cool white LED provides a wide and comprehensive light image, with the goal of minimizing the strong hotspot in the center of the light cone. This type of lighting is ideal for e.g. running. The warm white LED has a more focused light pattern, with a range of up to 117 meters! Its power is a little lower, but at the same time it also has better color reproduction (higher CRI). You easily control the different light sources with separate switches. Both light sources have four different power modes, as well as two special modes each. The UT32 is powered by one 18650 battery, but can also be used with two CR123A batteries.

The included headband is tailored for maximum ease of use. It is flexible, breathes well and has a very light weight, which makes it comfortable to use the lamp even for longer periods of time. On the side that lies against the skin, there is a thin silicone band that ensures that the lamp is held firmly on the head, and at the same time it prevents sweat from running into the eyes. The headband also has reflectors to increase visibility in the dark. The optimal weight distribution and the smart headband also ensure that the lamp sits firmly on the head even when moving quickly.


  • Headlamp Nitecore UT32
  • Headband
  • Belt clip
  • Extra o-ring
  • Rubber cover for switch button, 2 pcs
  • Manual

Contents (package with battery and charger)

Technical specification

  • Make and model: Headlamp Nitecore UT32
  • Battery: 1 x 18650 or 2 x CR123A
  • LED: CREE XP-L2 V6 (cool white) / CREE XL-L V6 (warm white)
  • Manufacturer's reported luminous flux: 1100 lm (cool white) / 920 lm (warm white)
  • Manufacturer's reported range: 80 m (cool white) / 117 m (warm white)
  • Manufacturer's reported max. light intensity: 1600 cd (cool white) / 3460 cd (warm white)
  • Color temperature: 5700K (cool white) / 3000K (warm white)
  • Power modes: 6 per diode
  • Weight: 82.5 g (without battery or charger)
  • Protection class: IP68
  • Warranty: 60 months

Burning time (manufacturer's information)*

Cool white LED

  • Turbo: 1100 lm / 80 m / 1 h 30 min
  • High: 410 lm / 49 m / 3 h 45 min
  • Medium: 200 lm / 33 m / 8 h
  • Low: 70 lm / 23 m / 18 h
  • Beacon: 1100 lm / - m / - h
  • SOS: 1100 lm / - m / - h

Warm white LED

  • Turbo: 920 lm / 117 m / 1 h 30 min
  • High: 370 lm / 75 m / 3 h 45 min
  • Medium: 170 lm / 46 m / 8 h
  • Low: 60 ch / 31 m / 18 h
  • Beacon: 920 lm / - m / - h
  • SOS: 920 lm / - m / - h

* The manufacturer has measured the burning time with a 3500 mAh 18650 Li-ion battery in a laboratory environment. Turbo mode data has been measured with an external fan, which should simulate the wind draft when running.

Quick guide

Use: Turn the lamp on/off by holding down both switches at the same time. The lamp always lights up in the cool white Low mode. Change the power mode on the respective switch by pressing once. The lamp then switches between the power modes in the order: Medium, High, Low, Medium, etc. Turbo mode can be activated momentarily when the light is on and you hold down the switch at the bottom. Turbo mode is activated for 30 seconds before the lamp returns to the last used power mode. The cool white Turbo mode can be activated for a longer time by holding down both switches for a long time while the lamp is off. Then the light first lights up in the Low mode and then in the Turbo mode.

Change color temperature: Press the "even" switch while the lamp is on to activate the warm white LED. Switch to the cool white LED by pressing the "knobby" switch.

Special Modes: Triple click any switch when the light is off to activate the SOS mode. When SOS mode is activated, each click of the switch toggles between Beacon and SOS mode. The special modes can be obtained with both color temperatures, depending on which switch you choose to click.

You can find the manual in English here. (Opens in a new window)

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