Headband LUMONITE Ergo V2

A completely newly developed head stand with GoPro attachment for the light. Ultralight, ergonomic and easy-to-use headrest with large adjustment options for an optimal fit.

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  1. Valaisimen johto kaipaa ohjainlenkkiä pannan takaosaan.
    H M 10.5.2024
  2. Sitter mycket bättre än den gamla huvudställningen samt att lampan sitter verkligen fast så ändrar inte position. Man ändra läget på lampan på två röd...
    Brinc J 4.1.2024
  3. Alkuun tuntui että vähän oli omaan päähän oudosti korville tuo pannan takaosa. Mutta metsässä hyvin pysyi työhommissa päässä pipon päällä.
    Holappa T 11.12.2023
  4. Istui hyvin
    R T 15.11.2023
  5. Istuu huomattavasti paremmin päähän kuin vanhempi malli - riippuu tietysti myös päästä 😊
    Kottonen A 21.9.2023
  6. Voisi olla isommallekin säätö mahdollisuus, jotta toimisi myös pipon kanssa hyvin. Muuten paljon tukevampi kuin ensimmäinen versio.
    Simonen T 31.8.2023
  7. Istuu kuin pipo päähän.
    K T 3.8.2023
  8. Panta ei ollut niin hyvä päähäni kuin toivoin. Varavalokiinnikkeelle ja toimitukselle voisin antaa täydet pisteet.
    Launis K 20.6.2023
  9. Johan rupes lamppu pysyyn pääsä
    O M 17.3.2023
  10. Sitter bättre på huvudet, jämfört med föregångaren. Men känns billigare och utan sydd ”kantskoning” på huvudställningen. + att plasten på fästskruven ...
    Bexelius K 27.12.2022
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A completely newly developed head stand with GoPro attachment for the light. Ultralight, ergonomic and easy-to-use headrest with large adjustment options for an optimal fit.

Lumonite Ergo V2 is a completely newly developed head stand for an even more robust, ergonomic and versatile use! The Lumonite Ergo V2 headstand is designed to suit the most demanding sports such as orienteering. The headrest sits comfortably on the head, where the adjustable features mean it can be adjusted to fit all head sizes and shapes, in both women and men. The newly developed head stand is now equipped with a robust and stable GoPro mounting system for the lamp. The lamp's cord can be nicely pulled over the head and further back, to reduce the risk of getting caught in branches and other obstacles or entering the field of vision. The Lumonite Ergo V2 has been manufactured in the highest quality materials in every aspect, from the quality GoPro mount down to the smallest stitches for optimal comfort. Furthermore, Lumonite Ergo V2 distributes the weight of the lamp evenly over the entire head, which makes it feel as if it becomes part of the head.

The soft fabric, the slightly curved attachment for the fixture equipped with soft foam against the forehead to prevent chafing, combined with the versatile adjustment possibilities, guarantee maximum comfort even during tough activities such as orienteering, running and skiing, both alpine and cross-country. The head stand is made of the ultra-light material neoprene, which gives a weight of a paltry 79 grams. The Lumonite Ergo V2 has three adjustment points for optimal comfort, all of which are very easy to adjust even with the head position on the head.

Lumonite Ergo V2 has been developed with the utmost care to create an ultra-light, ergonomic and easy-to-use headrest that can be trusted even in the most demanding situations and activities. The goal was simple, to create the best headrest on the market that fits all head shapes. All users look different, and with that comes unique head shapes so a big area of focus has been the three adjustment points. After a large number of design meetings, prototypes and product tests together with experienced practitioners, we can now proudly present the Lumonite Ergo V2 headstand.

Note! The Lumonite Ergo V2 main stand comes with a GoPro mount. If you previously purchased a Lumonite Air, Navigator or Leader head mount that was mounted using rubber grommets, these must now be replaced with a GoPro compatible mount. This is included in one of the package options, but can also be purchased separately here One of the packages also includes a Releasy Backup bracket, which enables a flexible solution to be able to fasten a spare lamp in the main stand in no time. This bracket is compatible with, for example, Lumonite Compass -, Vector or Pixel.

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