Flashlight Olight Seeker 3 Pro, 4200 lm

Very high performance flashlight with magnetic charge! Newly developed switch for stepless adjustment of light flux, improved charging process and a very high performance. Luminous flux 4200 lumens, range 250 meters according to manufacturer. 60 month warranty!

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  1. I was really disappointed, for the price I expected a bit more light output , it's not bad on the hi...
    Pana D 20.11.2023
    Valostore: Hi! Sorry that the product did not meet your expe...
  2. Snabb och bra service Väl paketerat Rekommenderas
    Gotfredsen J 31.1.2024
  3. Toppen ficklampa
    Bryneholt D 22.1.2024
  4. Todella hyvä valoteho. Valonsäätö hyvä ja kätevä käyttää. Valon keilan säätöä kaipaisin että saisi pistemmäisen valokuvion.
    Syväjärvi E 18.1.2024
  5. Hyvä valo lähelle mut ei kauas näytä...
    Mäkinen J 28.12.2023
  6. 5. Bra lykt. Veldig bra lysstyrke.
    Laugen K 10.12.2023
  7. Lygten fungerer super godt. Men tasken der medfølger er frygtelig. Ved ikke om det bare er en dårlig knap der er på min, men er inde og ude af min vag...
    Larsen M 8.12.2023
  8. Väldigt bra lampa.
    N J 28.11.2023
  9. Gedigen och genomtänkt design/ konstruktion. Mycket bra ljudflöde!
    Andersson M 24.11.2023
  10. Akunkesto ei täsmää luvattuun ja lampun on/off ja kirkkauden säätö tehty hankalaksi kun voisi olla yksinkertaisempi.
    Muhonen M 7.11.2023
Product Faq
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The magnetic charging cable makes charging smooth and easy!

Very high performance flashlight with magnetic charge! Newly developed switch for stepless adjustment of light flux, improved charging process and a very high performance. Luminous flux 4200 lumens, range 250 meters according to manufacturer. 60 month warranty!

Olight Seeker 3 Pro is the sequel to the very popular and "Best in Test" awarded Olight Seeker 2 Pro. This flashlight is more efficient than its predecessor thanks to its redesigned LED structure and suitable for both professional and everyday use. Another point of improvement on the Olight Seeker 3 Pro in addition to the light performance is the shortened charging time, which has been almost halved compared to its predecessor. In addition, the lamp is equipped with a dimmer via a smart rotary switch, which means that the light effect of the flashlight can be adjusted steplessly and easily! The end result is a very small, easy-to-use and high-performance flashlight that is perfect for those looking for a powerful and fast-charging LED flashlight. According to the manufacturer, the Seeker 3 Pro provides a luminous flux of up to 4200 lumens, which is an insane performance considering that a high beam on a car emits a luminous flux of about 1000 lumens. Seeker 3 Pro is an Olight flashlight right down to your fingertips and has a five year (60 month) warranty!

The Olight Seeker 3 Pro is equipped with a TIR lens providing a smart and comprehensive combination light cone that illuminates both the immediate environment and nature at a distance with a fine range of 250 meters according to the manufacturer. The flashlight's exterior is redesigned and ribbed to provide a secure grip even in damp conditions, and just like usual, the frame is shock and water resistant according to IPX8 protection class.

Olight Seeker 3 Pro is a perfect choice for users who value high battery capacity, ease of use and high performance. The included 5000 mAh lithium-ion battery that powers the flashlight has a battery life that lasts several days, while charging very quickly. The battery is charged via the included USB cable with a magnetic attachment that is easily applied to the flashlight. Thanks to the updated charging process, a charge for the Seeker 3 Pro from 0-100 takes only 4.5 h. In addition, the flashlight clearly shows and indicates the remaining battery time through different flashes of color: green (more than 60%), orange (10-60%), red (5-10% and flashing red (less than 5%). Thanks to this indication, you always have full control of the battery status.

The flashlight's switch works both as a traditional push button and as a dimmer, which enables stepless adjustment of the lamp's light flow. The Olight Seeker 3 Pro has 4 basic power modes in addition to its "moonlight" and "Turbo" modes. By turning the switch either clockwise or counter-clockwise, the flashlight's light flow can be infinitely adjusted between 50-4200 lumens. The indicator on the side of the flashlight shows when the lamp performs 50 and 4200 lumens respectively if you adjust the light flow with the rotary switch, giving you full control over the lamp. In addition, the flashlight has an intelligent sensor that detects if the lens of the lamp is too close to an object and then automatically lowers the light flow. This is a very advanced safety measure that prevents the flashlight from causing damage if, for example, it is accidentally lit during storage. In addition to its sensor, the Seeker 3 Pro also has a button lock function that is activated when the light has been switched off for thirty seconds. This is disabled by turning the switch 90°.

The flashlight's intense brightness is something you've rarely seen before from a flashlight of this size. By adapting to more gentle light effects, the battery life can be increased considerably.

Note! The flashlight's luminous flux is very high, which can cause a very high heat generation. Therefore, follow the following safety instructions.

  1. The safety distance. Never allow flammable objects to be closer than 5 cm in front of the lamp's lens when it is switched on.
  2. Storage: Unscrew the cap half a turn to prevent accidental switching on when storing in e.g. pocket.
  3. Powerful lamps are not toys - Do not let small children play with the lamp unsupervised.

We recommend Olight Seeker 3 Pro for, among other things:

  • Factories & facilities
  • Stock
  • Workshops
  • Ambulance driver
  • Fire protection
  • Police work
  • Guardian
  • Boat owner
  • Ship work
  • Port work
  • The summer cottage
  • etc...

Contents (Standard Package)

Content (Premium Package)

Technical specification

  • Brand and model: Olight Seeker 3 Pro
  • Battery: 5000 mAh, 3.6V 21700 Li-ion
  • Manufacturer's reported luminous flux: 4200 lm
  • Manufacturer's reported range: 250 m
  • Light image: Combination
  • Power modes: 4 + 1 turbo mode + strobe
  • Switch: Rotary/push switch, on the side of the lamp
  • Charging: Magnetic charging via USB
  • Charging time: 4.5 h
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Dimensions: 132 x 35 mm
  • Weight: 200 g (With battery)
  • Impact resistance: 1.5 meters
  • Protection class: IPX8
  • Warranty: 60 months
  • Other: Automatic button lock, battery and light flow indicator, object sensor

Battery life

  • Turbo: 4200 lm -> 1200 lm -> 600 lm / 2.5 + 127 + 35 min
  • High: 1200 lm -> 600 lm -> 300 lm / 135 + 35 + 10 min
  • Medium: 300 lm / 10.6 h (640 min)
  • Low: 50 lm / 55.5 h
  • Moon: 5 lm / 15 days

Olight Seeker 3 Pro Quick Start Guide

Unscrew the cover and remove the protective plastic from the battery. Switch the lamp on and off with a short press of the switch. The last selected power mode (excl. turbo) is stored in the lamp's memory.

Switching power mode: When the lamp is on, press and hold the switch. The lamp switches through the power modes in the order "low-medium-high-low...". Release the switch when you have activated the desired power mode.

Turbo: Double tap the switch quickly. Switch to the other power modes by holding down the switch, or return to the last selected mode by double-pressing again.

Moonlight: Long press the switch while the lamp is off.

Strobe: Triple click the switch to activate. Press the switch once or hold to exit strobe mode.

Button lock: The rotary switch is automatically locked if no operation is performed within 30 seconds after the lamp is switched off. To unlock, turn the knob over 90 degrees, after which the indicators around it will light up for 3 seconds.

Change light flux (rotary switch)

Turn clockwise: Turn the switch clockwise to continuously increase the flashlight's luminous flux between 50 and 4200 lumens. The indicator on the side of the flashlight flashes when the flashlight's lowest or highest luminous flux.

Turn counter-clockwise: Turn the switch counter-clockwise to steplessly reduce the flashlight's luminous flux between 50 and 4200 lumens. The indicator on the side of the flashlight flashes when the flashlight's lowest or highest luminous flux. The Moonlight effect mode cannot be activated from the flashlight rotary switch.

Timer: The lamp is equipped with a timer, which automatically turns it off after either 3 or 9 minutes of use. When the light is on, double click and hold the switch on the second button until you get to the timer settings. 1 blink indicates the 3-minute timer is active, while 2 blinks indicate the 9-minute timer is active.

Charging: Charging starts when the USB connector is connected to the charging socket. The charger has an indicator where you can follow the charging status. The red light is on when charging is in progress, and the green light is on when the battery is fully charged.

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