Flashlight Olight Javelot Mini, 1000 lm

Compact tactical flashlight with a narrow and far-reaching spotlight. Designed for hunting, camping and official use. A battery, a charging cable and a belt holster are included. Declared luminous flux 1000 lm, range 600 m.

Product number: HS15596

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  1. Små, stark och fokuserat!
    M C 16.11.2023
  2. Ei tämän kantama ollut lähelläkään mitä luvattiin
    H T 13.10.2023
  3. Har inte använt den mycket men jag är imponerad på räckvidden och ljuset den ger ifrån sig.
    Lundberg M 20.9.2023
  4. Ihan huippu taskuvalaisin joka toimii hakuvalona hyvin kun pitää löytää pimeässä kulkureittejä tai nähdä ympäristöä muuten. Matkoilla mm. afrikassa ka...
    Moilanen H 3.1.2023
  5. Tehokas ja näppärän kokoinen lamppu. Valokeila spottimaisempi kuin esim Warrior-sarjan lamput. Akku harvinaisempi kuin yleisemmin käytetty 18650 mutta...
    O A 9.12.2022
  6. Grym lampa! Känns bokstavligen som en liten strålkastare i handen och med ett riktigt bra hölster,har den alltid med mig nu.
    Magyar D 2.12.2022
  7. Bra ljusbild men levererades med trasig oring
    P M 29.11.2022
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Compact tactical flashlight with a narrow and far-reaching spotlight. Designed for hunting, camping and official use. A battery, a charging cable and a belt holster are included. Declared luminous flux 1000 lm, range 600 m.

The Olight Javelot Mini is a compact and lightweight but powerful rechargeable flashlight that is perfectly suited for general use. Thanks to the round LED and the deep reflector, the lamp's 1000 lumen luminous flux forms a point-like light beam with a range of up to 600 meters, which is an amazing performance for a lamp of this size. The Javelot Mini is designed for hunters, authorities and hikers in particular, but of course the flashlight can be used in any application that requires a handy-sized long-range spotlight. The Javelot Mini is equipped with a tactical switch, from which the two power modes (High/Low) can be controlled. In this way, use is fast, simple and smooth.

Javelot Mini works with a 2040 mAh 18500 Li-ion battery. The flashlight's rear switch, which acts as a magnetic charging port, enables easy charging with the battery still in place in the flashlight. The included charging cable attaches itself to the back, so charging couldn't be more convenient! The body of the lamp is made of aluminum used in the aviation industry, which makes it suitable to withstand extreme conditions. In addition, the Javelot Mini is completely waterproof and shockproof according to protection class IPX8, and the edge of its lens is surrounded by a protective frame that protects the lens if, for example, you drop the lamp on the ground. Overall, the Javelot Mini is well equipped to withstand the stresses of both impact and water!

The Javelot Mini is equipped with a smart battery indicator with vibration. When the battery is less than 30%, the light vibrates once every five minutes. When the battery is less than 10%, the light vibrates twice per minute, and when the battery is less than 5%, the light vibrates three times every 10 seconds. In this way, the battery will never run out unexpectedly in the middle of use, but the lamp will report its status systematically. The lamp has a five-year (60-month) warranty!


  • Olight Javelot Mini
  • Magnetic charging cable
  • Belt holster
  • Instructions

Technical specification

  • Brand and model: Olight Javelot Mini
  • Battery: 2040 mAh, 3.6V 18500 Li-Ion
  • Manufacturer's reported luminous flux: 1000 lm
  • Manufacturer's reported range: 600 m
  • Spotlight: Slim
  • Operating modes: 2 power modes
  • Power Switch: Tactical power switch on the back of the light
  • Charging: Magnetic USB charging
  • Material: Aircraft aluminum
  • Measure:
    • Length: 115 mm
    • Diameter of lamp head: 40 mm
    • Diameter of lamp body: 32 mm
  • Weight with battery: 154 g
  • Impact resistance: 1.5 meters
  • Protection class: IPX8
  • Warranty: 60 months

Operating hours (provided by the manufacturer)

  • High: 1000 -> 500 -> 200 lm / 6.5 + 78 + 19 min
  • Low: 200 lm / 4 h 57 min

Quick guide

Usage: Remove the protective film from the front of the lens. Unscrew the cover and remove the protective film between the battery. Screw the end cap back on completely.

  • On/off: Turn the light on and off by briefly pressing the button once.
  • Power mode change: Use the lowest luminous flux by pressing the power switch lightly almost to the bottom and high luminous flux by pressing the power switch to the bottom.
  • Momentary mode: Use the light momentarily by holding down the power switch for a moment. The lamp turns off when the power switch is released.
  • Charging: Attach the magnetic charging cable to the back of the lamp and connect the other end to, for example, a computer or power adapter. The indicator light on the charging cable lights up red when charging is in progress and lights up green when charging is complete.

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