Flashlight Olight Baton 4 Premium Edition, 1300 lm

A small but shockingly powerful flashlight with a wide and even light beam suitable for both home and work use. The shock- and water-resistant frame enables use even in challenging conditions, and thanks to the small size, the light is always with you, even in your pocket. A convenient wireless charging case is also included! Declared light output 1300 lm, range 170 m. IPX8 rating.

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  1. A fantastic very small flashlight with incredible big light. Case is very good for long use
    Berlo R 2.1.2024
  2. I've never been a big fan of Olight, but then I came across the Baton 4, and I totally fell in love with it. However, there's still some room for impr...
    Prgomet D 18.12.2023
  3. This is an awesome light.. I love it.. So many functions and the build quality is great!
    Božič M 13.12.2023
  4. Genialt med portabel opladning og et sikkert sted, at have den liggende.
    Gaarde P 26.2.2024
  5. Reviewed product: Earlier version
    Har testa flera av era produkter och den här är lika bra 😊
    Bäck T 12.2.2024
  6. Fungerar riktigt bra.
    A A 1.2.2024
  7. Reviewed product: Earlier version
    Todella hyvä ja toimiva paketti
    Koskinen E 29.1.2024
  8. Over forventning👍
    Schjoldager H 19.1.2024
  9. Helt rå, praktisk og bra med lys
    H S 11.1.2024
  10. Alt stemte med forventning.
    Kyllingstad M 8.1.2024
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A small but shockingly powerful flashlight with a wide and even light beam suitable for both home and work use. The shock- and water-resistant frame enables use even in challenging conditions, and thanks to the small size, the light is always with you, even in your pocket. A convenient wireless charging case is also included! Declared light output 1300 lm, range 170 m. IPX8 rating.


Olight Baton 4 is an updated version of its manufacturer's Baton 3 lamp, whose very compact size and amazing light output made it a super popular lamp both for work use and as a leisure lamp. The updated Baton 4 follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, but even better. The super small and light Baton 4 amazes with its maximum light output of 1300 lumens, which, combined with the optical TIR lens, creates an even and wide light beam, which is ideal for moving outdoors, for everyday chores, as well as for construction sites and hobbies. The range of the spotlight is up to 170 meters at full light output, so with this power package you can easily illuminate objects that are further away.

The Premium Edition differs from the "normal" Baton 4 in that it comes with a transport/charging case where the lamp can be charged in a modern way using a USB-C charging cable. The case also works as a wireless backup power source for the lamp, and it has enough power to charge the Baton 4 from empty to full up to 5 times, which gives the light an operating time of up to 190 days! Thanks to the small size, the charging case and at the same time the lamp can easily be carried in e.g. a pocket, and when the lamp is in use, it can be placed on e.g. a belt or a backpack buckle with the help of a pocket clip.

The body of the lamp is textured in detail, so whether it is handled with dry or wet hands, with or without gloves, the grip will not slip even in hectic situations, despite the small size of the lamp. The body of the lamp is made of a very durable aluminum alloy, and the impact-resistant construction perfectly withstands incoming shocks and bumps. In addition, the lamp is completely waterproof according to the IPX8 classification, and it can withstand permanent immersion up to 2 meters, which means that this lamp is as if created for various extreme conditions and demanding applications.

Baton 4 works with a 650 mAh li-ion battery, which can be charged as usual through the magnetic end cap of the lamp, or wirelessly in its charging case. Wireless charging in the case keeps the lamp always fully charged and ready for new adventures, and the charging case is a great help in addition to normal use, e.g. for a longer trip, a cabin without electricity, etc. to a situation where it is not possible to charge the lamp using mains power. The versatile, small and amazingly efficient Baton 4 is an easy and practical solution for everyone who needs high light output in a small size, and the drop and bump resistant structure is not a bad thing either. Five-year (60 months) warranty!

Delivery content

  • Olight Baton 4
  • 1 x 650 mAh li-ion battery
  • Wireless charging dock/carrying case
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Wrist strap
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Instructions

Technical information

  • Brand and model: Olight Baton 4 Premium Edition
  • Battery: 3.6V 650 mAh li-ion
  • Current capacity of the transport case: 5000 mAh
  • Declared light output: 1300 lm
  • Declared range: 170 m
  • Declared color temperature: 5700-6700 K
  • Spotlight: Wide combination
  • Switch type and location: Push switch on the side of the lamp
  • Operating modes: 5 + 1 power modes + flash
  • Charging: Magnetic USB charging (MCC 1A)
  • Color: Black or green
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Dimensions: 63 x 21 mm (Length x Width)
  • Weight (with battery): 52.5 g
  • IP rating: IPX8
  • Impact resistance: 2 m
  • Warranty: 60 months

Operating hours (provided by the manufacturer)

  • Turbo: 1300 lm -> 600 lm -> 300 lm / 1.5 + 2.5 + 73 min / 170 m
  • High: 600 lm -> 300 lm -> 60 lm / 7 + 72 + 16 min / 110 m
  • Med: 60 lm / 8 h / 38 m
  • Low: 12 lm / 35 h / 18 m
  • Moonlight: 0.5 lm / 30 days / -
  • Strobe: 1300 lm / - / -

Quick guide

Unscrew the end cap and remove the insulating plastic between the battery and the end cap. Turn the light on or off by briefly pressing the power switch. The last used power mode remains in the lamp's memory.

Changing the operating mode: When the light is on, press and hold the switch, the power modes will change as follows: "Low -> Medium -> High -> Low". Release the switch when the desired power mode is active.

Turbo: Click the switch twice in a row. Press and hold the switch to switch to other power modes, or double-click the switch again to return to the previous mode.

Moonlight: With the lamp turned off, press the switch at the bottom for approx. 1 second.

Key lock: With the light off, press the power switch for a long time (about 2 seconds) until the light comes on for a while and then goes off. The key lock opens in the same way, by pressing the switch for a long time. Alternatively, the key lock also opens when the battery is removed.

Timer: The lamp has a timer that turns the lamp off either 3 or 9 minutes after the timer is activated. When the light is on, double-click and hold down the switch with a second click to access the timer settings. 1 flash means a 3 min timer is selected, while 2 flashes means a 9 min timer.

Charging: Place the lamp in the charging case and charging will start automatically. The indicator on the top of the case lights up red while charging, and turns green for 10 seconds before turning off when the lamp's battery is full. The power case is charged by connecting one end of the USB-C cable to the power source, and the other end to the charging port on the side of the case. The LED above the charging port lights up red when charging is in progress, and green when the battery is full.

Charge status indicator: The lamp has a battery charge status indicator, which tells you with a colored light how much power is left in the battery. The indicator lights up when the lamp is switched on, and it tells the charging status as follows:

  • Green: > 60%
  • Orange: 10-60%
  • Red: 5-10%
  • Red flash: < 5%

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