Flashlight Olight Baton 3, 1200 lm

Small and incredibly efficient flashlight with a whopping 1200 lumen light flow and 166 meter range! Only 63mm long. WE RECOMMEND!

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  1. very good product & fast delivery
    F V 11.12.2023
  2. Liten men riktigt bra ljus
    Törnroos K 7.2.2024
  3. Todella surkea valoteho mitä ns. esittelyteksti antoi ymmärtää.
    J S 7.1.2024
    Valostore: Hei! Pahoittelut että tuote ei ole vastannut odot...
  4. Tehokas pikkuvalo🙂
    Taavitsainen K 6.1.2024
  5. Mkt smidig och enkel att använda. Köpte till min jobb EDC där jag besiktar stora maskiner i mörker och behöver ett bra ljus jag kan hålla i handen. Fu...
    Keinström M 3.1.2024
  6. Är långt ifrån förväntningarna mot vad man läser om den. Priset alldeles för högt.... får 4 stycken ...
    Wendt B 3.1.2024
    Valostore: Hej Börje, och tack så mycket för din recension. ...
  7. Ajaa asiansa. pieni kompakti pakkaus.
    Nyström T 1.1.2024
  8. Denne er overaskende sterk i forhold til fysisk størrelse.
    Strandsberg T 1.1.2024
  9. Toppen!
    N H 28.12.2023
  10. Lahjan saaja kehui mahtavaksi lampuksi! Lampun kiinnitys lakin lippaan plussaa!!
    S J 28.12.2023
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Small and incredibly efficient flashlight with a whopping 1200 lumen light flow and 166 meter range! Only 63mm long. WE RECOMMEND!

 Upgraded version of super popular Olight S1R-II! 

Olight Baton 3 is a further development of the immensely popular S1R-II flashlight, with even higher efficiency and performance! The length of only 63 mm and the feather-light weight of 53 grams make the Baton 3 easy to carry anywhere: in your pocket, bag or why not in the car! The solid performance means that you will not be left in the dark in the first place - the lamp has a luminous flux of 1200 lm and a range of 166 meters, which is among the best available in this size class! Charging takes place easily via the included USB magnetic charger. Baton 3 is perfectly suited for everyday professional and leisure use, or as emergency lighting for the car.


Baton 3's cone of light is a smart combination of a focused spot and broad diffuse light. It provides powerful illumination of large areas, and also an impressive reach for its size, to say the least. The demarcation between the spit and the scattered light is softer and more pleasing to the eyes than in previous editions. The lamp's aluminum body is IPX8-rated and therefore completely waterproof and shock-resistant, so you don't have to worry about exposing the lamp to hard knocks! The developed texturing on the shaft improves the grip even in wet weather or with gloves.

The lamp's magnetic USB charger is incredibly flexible and small in size, which makes the whole device very easy to carry around. Thanks to the compact and significantly improved charger, it is much easier to twist and turn the lamp without interrupting the charge. The built-in indicator shows the battery's remaining charge in real time, so you won't be surprised by an empty battery.


  • Olight Baton 3
  • Olight Custom IMR16340 Li-Ion Battery, 550 mAh
  • MCC3 magnetic charging cable
  • Storage bag
  • Wrist strap
  • Manual (SE/FI/EN/NO...)

Technical specification

  • Brand and model: Olight Baton 3
  • Battery: 1 x Olight Custom IMR16340, 550 mAh
  • Max. luminous flux: 1200 lm
  • Cone of Light: Combination
  • Range: 166 m
  • Light intensity: 6889 cd
  • Effect modes: 4 pcs + moonlight + strobe
  • Material and color: Aluminium, black
  • Dimensions: 63 x 21 mm
  • Weight (incl. battery): 53 g
  • Protection class: IPX8 (withstands immersion in water to a depth of 2 m)
  • Warranty: 60 months

Burning time (manufacturer's information)

  • Level 1: 1200 lm -> 300 lm / 1.5 - 75 min
  • Level 2: 300 lm / 95 min
  • Level 3: 60 lm / 7 h 30 min
  • Level 4: 12 ch / 33 h
  • Level 5: 0.5 lm / 20 days
  • Strobe :-

Quick guide

Loosen the bottom piece and remove the protective plastic between the battery and the bottom piece. Turn the lamp on or off by briefly pressing the switch. The lamp lights up on the last used power mode.

Change power mode: Press and hold the switch to cycle through the power modes. Release when you have reached the desired position.

Turbo: Double click the switch. Return by holding down the switch or double-clicking again.

Moonlight: Hold the switch down for approx. 1 second while the light is off.

Button lock: When the light is off, hold down the switch for about 2 seconds, until the light comes on briefly and then goes off again. You turn off the button lock in the same way. The button lock is also deactivated when the battery is removed.

Timer: The lamp is equipped with a timer, which automatically turns it off after either 3 or 9 minutes of use. When the light is on, double click and hold the switch on the second button until you get to the timer settings. 1 blink indicates the 3-minute timer is active, while 2 blinks indicate the 9-minute timer is active.

Charging: Charging starts when the USB connector is connected to the charging socket. The charger has an indicator where you can follow the charging status. The red light is on when charging is in progress, and the green light is on when the battery is fully charged.

Battery indicator: The lamp is equipped with a battery indicator that shows with different colors how much charge remains. When the lamp lights up, the indicator shows the remaining charge:

  • Green: > 60%
  • Orange: 10-60%
  • Red: 5-10%
  • Flashing red: < 5%

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