Auxiliary light Lazer Sentinel 9" Elite - Round / 23 cm / 145 W

Lazer's most powerful round extra light! The manufacturer promises a luminous flux of 15,232 lumens with a range of 742 meters @1 lux. Excellent choice for larger vehicles!

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  1. Fantastisk lyse
    Olofsgård E 15.9.2023
  2. Låner denne fra andres kommentar da d hva helt likt får mæ, ikke fornøgd med "settet" som fulgte med. Støttestagene er ikke orginal Lazer, som igjen ...
    Dahl S 20.11.2022
  3. Gode lys, lyser meget langt
    G E 26.9.2022
  4. Lysen i seg sel er 5⭐️. Men ikke fornøgd med "settet" som fulgte med. Støttestagene er ikke orginal Lazer, som igjen gjør d vanskelig å feste i lykten...
    Rasmussen J 12.9.2022
  5. Meget godt lys. Lett å koble opp i bilen.
    Angeltveit R 18.8.2022
  6. Skiltplaten passet ikke disse tre lyktene.
    Gamst A 4.11.2021
    Valostore: Hei! Gjerne ta kontakt med vår kundeservice på sup...
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Lazer's most powerful round extra light! The manufacturer promises a luminous flux of 15,232 lumens with a range of 742 meters @1 lux. Excellent choice for larger vehicles!

The Lazer Sentinel Elite is the most powerful model in Lazer's brand new series of round auxiliary lights. The new Sentinel series combines an elegant design, a first-class performance with the recognized Lazer quality. The Sentinel Elite is equipped with 32 powerful diodes that provide a luminous flux of 15,232 lumens according to the manufacturer. This light flow in combination with the specular vacuum metallized reflectors creates a pleasant light image that illuminates the environment both widely out on the side of the road and with a fine range of 742 meters @ 1 lux according to the manufacturer. By combining with 2 pieces mounted either side by side or on top of each other, you can shape the light beam to maximize the range or spread the light more laterally. Due to its size, the Lazer Sentinel Elite is particularly suitable for larger vehicles.

The Lazer Sentinel series is completely frameless and has a smooth front, which prevents snow and ice from accumulating in front of the lens and impairing performance. Like many other additional lights on the market, the Sentinel series completely lacks a "threshold" where dirt or snow can get stuck. The elegant and dark design gives a spectacular look that fits in with both older and newer car models. The extra light is easily mounted using the included mounting foot and a 2-pin power cable with Superseal connector.

The color temperature of 5000K is carefully balanced and very pleasing to the eye. The color temperature provides fine sharpness and contours, making it easier to observe the terrain and detect obstacles in good time. The balanced color temperature also works well even in worse weather conditions, such as fog and rain.

Note! In the Lazer Sentinel series there are several different models:

In addition to its high performance, the Sentinel series is made to withstand tough conditions. In addition to its guarantee of a full 5 years, the basically unbreakable polycarbonate lens has a lifetime guarantee. The lens is also equipped with an extra protective layer that provides special protection against scratches and marks that can otherwise appear over time, such as stone chips. The durable aluminum body is powder-coated, which provides an impressive durability against corrosion and chemicals. The Sentinel series is dust and waterproof according to protection class IP68.
This additional light which, in accordance with UNECE Regulation 112, is approved for use in traffic thanks to its patented E-Boost technology. This technology makes it possible to reduce the effect when used among traffic, and with an increased power outside of normal road traffic. See how to activate E-Boost mode here.

The Lazer Sentinel range is designed and manufactured in the UK. Lazer does not compromise on anything, which guarantees top-class quality.


  • Lazer Sentinel Elite 23"
  • Mounting foot
  • Instructions for use

Contents (2 pcs - Complete package)

Contents (3 pcs - Complete package)

Technical specification

  • Brand and model: Lazer Sentinel Elite
  • Area of use: Additional light for cars / work machines
  • Operating voltage: 10-32 V
  • Current consumption: 14.7A @ 10V
  • Estimated power: 145 W
  • Manufacturer's reported power: 147 W
  • Manufacturer's reported luminous flux: 15232 lm (E-Boost) / 3046 lm (E-Mark Mode)
  • Manufacturer's reported range: 1483 m @ 0.25 lux / 742 m @ 1 lux (E-Boost)
  • Manufacturer's reported color temperature: 5000 K
  • Mounting: Mounting foot
  • Connection: 2-pin Superseal
  • Dimensions: 225 x 211 x 90 mm (Width/Height/Depth)
  • Height with foot: 228 mm
  • Weight: 2500 g
  • Protection class: IP68
  • Warranty: 60 months

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