Bike light Nitecore BR35

Efficient USB-C rechargeable bicycle light. Provides light at both short and long distances. Hella 1800 lumen luminous flux. Complete package!

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  2. Monipuoliset valaisuvaihtoehdot, kirkas, tehokas, hyvä kiinnike, kaukosäätö hyvä lisä, suositukset valaisimen osalta, toimii pyörässä hyvin, esimerkil...
    Ruokonen S 17.4.2024
  3. Tuttu ja turvallinen valo. Vanha lamppu lakkasi toimimasta noin kk takuun päättymisen jälkeen, mutta korjaus takuuseen meni nopeasti ja sujuvasti. Ehd...
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  4. Ensi vaikutelma hyvä.Hyvä valokeila.
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    Valostore: Hei, pahoittelemme tätä! Normaalia toimintaa tuo k...
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  7. Hyvä paketti kaupungissa pyöräilyyn, ja miksi ei taajaman ulkopuolellakin
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  8. Aivan loistava valaisin pimeille pyörälenkeille. Uudistetun mallin usb-c - latausliitäntä on erittäin tervetullut uudistus. Kävipä itellä semmoinenki...
    Aalto J 1.2.2024
  9. Valoteho riittää hienosti ainakin lumisessa maastossa(ostin tuotteen talvella). Lisäkatkaisin on todella hyvä, joten pitkät ja lyhyet sekä virran katk...
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  10. Monipuolinen pyöränvalo, kauko-ohjain on tosi hyvä
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Efficient USB-C rechargeable bicycle light. Provides light at both short and long distances. Hella 1800 lumen luminous flux. Complete package!

The Nitecore BR35 is a very efficient bicycle light with both low and high beam, which is equally suitable for both urban and off-road cycling. The lamp's two CREE XM-L2 diodes provide a whopping 1800 lumens of light flow and a range of 170 meters, which gives the user plenty of light for every situation. The efficient bike light comes with three ready-made operating modes, from which you can choose the one that suits your purpose of use: City, Road or Trail. In the various operating modes, low and high beams can be switched on separately or together, so that oncoming traffic is not dazzled unnecessarily in urban use, and when driving off-road the maximum light effect can of course be used. With the included remote switch, you can easily switch between dipped and main beam without letting go of the handlebars.

The BR35's illuminated and bright OLED display shows the current power mode, brightness and remaining burning time. In addition, the lamp's 6800 mAh Li-ion battery provides a full 17 hours of burning time. The lamp is easily charged via any USB-C port using the USB-C charging port. Even at full power (1800 lm), the lamp can shine for more than an hour with one charge!

The BR35's two-part spotlight offers perfect lighting for all situations. Low and high beams are powered by separate LEDs and work brilliantly in both urban and rural environments. The dipped beam offers a very wide light beam that illuminates the road directly in front of the front tire of the bicycle. The main beam, on the other hand, offers a slightly narrower, but very long range straight ahead, which gives you plenty of time to react to possible obstacles, for example when driving off-road or on a completely dark road.

Contents - Standard package

  • Nitecore BR35 bike light
  • Remote switch
  • Bracket for the handlebar
  • Gaskets for the handlebar mount, 2 pcs
  • USB-C charging cable

Technical specification

  • Brand and model: Nitecore BR35
  • LED: 2 x CREE XM-L2
  • Maximum luminous flux: 1800 lm
  • Maximum range: 176 m
  • Light intensity: 7750 cd
  • Battery: Integrated 6800 mAh Li-ion
  • USB-C rechargeable
  • Protection class: IPX7
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • Weight (incl. battery): 234.5 g
  • Dimensions: 109.3 x 48.9 x 40.9 mm


On/Off : Hold the switch down for about 1.5 seconds. The lamp lights up on the last used power mode.

Changing power mode: The lamp has three preset power modes: CITY, ROAD and TRAIL. The power mode is selected by holding down the switch when the lamp is off, whereupon the OLED screen displays "CITY-ROAD-TRAIL" in scrolling order. Release the switch when you reach the desired power level.

The CITY mode provides continuous low beam, but with a push of the switch, the high beam turns on for 3 seconds.

The ROAD mode provides continuous low beam, but with a push of the switch, the high beam turns on continuously. You return to dipped beam in the same way.

The TRAIL mode provides both low and high beam at the same time. With a push of the switch, the main beam is switched off, and switched on again in the same way.

Light flux adjustment: When the lamp is on, the light flux can be increased or decreased using the + or - buttons. TURBO mode by holding down the + switch for a long time. Similarly, a low power mode is activated when you hold - the switch down for a long time.

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