Bicycle helmet lamp LUMONITE Compass, 1250 lm

A highly efficient and versatile bicycle helmet light intended for daily use. Simple and quick to assemble. 1250 measured lumens with a range of 110 meters. Also works as a headlamp and flashlight! WE RECOMMEND!

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  1. Ei hyvä oikein mihinkään (minulle). Aivan liian leveä valokeila pyöräilyyn jos vauhtia on vähänkään enemmän kuin kevyt hölkkä (esim maastossa muuten k...
    C S 3.11.2023
  2. Erittäin kätevä ja näppärä. Viime vuonna ostin Vectorin, hyvä että otsapanta ja laturi käyvät näissä kahdessa mallissa ristiin. Ainoa huono puoli, ett...
    Putila K 11.10.2023
  3. Lamppu on erittäin hyvin valaiseva ja kirkas. valokuvio on todella laaja. Omaan kypärään kiinnike ei soveltunut mut tanko kiinnikkeena toimi todella ...
    P N 4.10.2023
  4. Kiinnitys ja lamppu muutenkin mekaanisesti ok. Valaisuteho pienoinen pettymys verrattuna Ledleseriin...
    Ylikoski T 2.10.2023
    Valostore: Hei! Pahoittelut, että tuote ei ole vastannut odo...
  5. Työmatkapyöräilyssä oisin kaivannut hieman kapeampaa ja tarkkarajaisempaa valoa. Yleiskäytössä ja pihatöissä kyseinen keila toimii erinomaisesti.
    Viinikka T 18.9.2023
  6. Valokeila ei ole häiritsevän terävä ja valkoinen vaan ehkä hieman kellertävä ja laaja ilman selkeää reunaa. Tämä toimii pimeässä metsässä paljon parem...
    H S 19.12.2022
  7. Bra lampa, men hade förväntat mig mer för dem pengarna. Knappast 1250lm
    Blomqvist D 8.12.2022
  8. Erittäin hyvä lamppu moneen käyttöön.
    S E 9.11.2022
  9. Kolmas compas r jonka tilasin. Eka itelle, sitte isälle ja nyt appiukolle. Kaikki ovat olleet tyytyväisiä. Tämä tuote muuten sama kuin perus compas r ...
    Linna T 28.10.2022
  10. Valoteho yllätti totaallisesti,maastopyöräilyssä ihan ehdoton kampe ja ei tarvi edes polttaa täydellä teholla metsässä. eikä kyllä jää yksikään kivi t...
    Tervo J 17.10.2022
Product Faq
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The same attached bracket can also be advantageously mounted on the bicycle handlebar! The lamp can be placed in any direction.

The lamp is charged very easily using the supplied magnetic charger. The charger connects to a regular USB port, which makes charging very easy!

Thanks to the included Lumonite Releasy headband, the Compass works just as well as an efficient headlamp. The lamp is also very easy to remove from the headband and in this way the lamp also functions as a normal flashlight.

A highly efficient and versatile bicycle helmet light intended for daily use. Simple and quick to assemble. 1250 measured lumens with a range of 110 meters. Also works as a headlamp and flashlight! WE RECOMMEND!

The LUMONITE Compass is the most versatile headlamp on the market. The first model of Compass was named "BEST IN TEST" by Since then, it has been upgraded several times with the latest and most efficient technology. Together with its predecessors, it has sold over 220,000 copies. With over 1200 lumens measured in our light laboratory, a range of 110 meters and an unbeatable battery life, the Lumonite Compass qualifies for first place as the most efficient compact LED headlamp available on the market.

LUMONITE Compass has the perfect light image, weight, size, brightness and battery life - all while being easy to use! The headlamp is designed to be the best choice for running, hunting, skiing, working, riding, cycling, camping and much more.

Together with the Lumonite Releasy Bike V2 bicycle mount, you can easily move and attach your LUMONITE Pixel to your bicycle handlebars or to your helmet, depending on what suits your riding style best. The continuously 360° rotatable bracket means that the light image can be easily adjusted so that it always points forward, regardless of the position in which you put the bracket. Thanks to its quick assembly, it is very easy to assemble the bracket. The smart Releasy™ function also makes it possible to detach the lamp in no time and have it in your hand when, for example, charging or when you need a loose flashlight. How convenient doesn't that sound?

The most important features in brief

  • Huge light performance, a whopping 1250 lumens measured in the light laboratory (the most powerful compact LED headlamp on the market in terms of size and weight).
  • A full 110 meter range. In the center of the light cone there is a wide, powerful hotspot for longer range, at the same time lots of scattered light out on the sides for peripheral vision = no "zoom function" needed.
  • Highly efficient electronics provide a longer lifespan than before.
  • Made in one piece. CNC-turned aluminum body, which provides an extremely durable construction!
  • Simple construction. No hinges, cords or joints = no loose parts that can break.
  • Easy USB charging. The battery does not need to be removed from the lamp when charging!
  • Magnet at the bottom of the lamp. Practical mounting on metal surfaces as a work lamp.
  • Very easy to take out of the mount and use as a loose flashlight. Buy accessories to use the lamp as a bike light or helmet light (see below).

The Lumonite Compass is made from a single piece of strong yet lightweight aircraft aluminum. This provides an impact-resistant and completely sealed construction against water, dust and dirt. The lamp is IP69 rated, which is the best enclosure class against moisture. A steel ring around the lens protects the LED and its electronics against knocks and shocks.

The lamp's incredible brightness beats by horse lengths all corresponding compact LED headlamps in the segment. The actual measured luminous flux is over 1200 lumens, which at the time of writing, is the record for a compact headlamp in this size class. In the power saving mode (medium), the lamp provides 240 lumens for over 8 hours, which alone covers most lighting needs.

The lamp has a total of 5 different power modes, which gives an operating time of up to 31 days. The power modes are optimized for maximum light and battery performance. There are no annoying flashing, strobe or SOS modes on this lamp. Lumonite Compass is easy to use and very versatile. The lamp is just as suitable for work as for running.

Another thing that makes this headlamp versatile is the new Lumonite Releasy™ mount , where the lamp can be easily detached from the headband and used as a normal flashlight. When the lamp is to be used again as a headlamp, it is clicked back into the steel quick-fix. The headband has been improved from the previous model. Better elasticity and a slightly wider band of 30 mm make the fitting around the head very stable. The headband, which goes over the head, can also be easily removed and reattached if necessary. Most of the time, this strap is not necessary to carry, precisely because of the lamp's light weight.

Technical specification

  • Brand and model: LUMONITE Compass
  • Battery: Lumonite custom battery, 3500 mAh, li-ion
  • LED: High Power LED
  • Measured maximum luminous flux: 1250 lm
  • Measured maximum range: 110 m
  • Cone of light: combination. Plenty of diffused light, wide hotspot for longer range.
  • Color temperature: Neutral white, 5000 k
  • Charging time: about 3 hours, from 0% to 100%
  • Protection class: IP69 (waterproof down to a depth of 2 meters)
  • Weight:
    • Lamp (without battery and headband): 55 g
    • Lamp (with battery and headband): 155 g
  • Size: 106 x 21 x 33mm
  • Warranty: lamp 60 months (Lumonite warranty)

Light performance (manufacturer's information)

  • Max: 1250 lm / 1 h 30 min / 110 m
  • High: 600 lm / 3 h 35 min / 75 m
  • Med: 240 lm / 8 h 25 min / 50 m
  • Low: 80 lm / 25 h / 28 m
  • Moonlight: 5 lm / 31 days / -

Quick guide

Commissioning: Remove the protective film from the battery and tighten the end cap fully - The lamp is now ready for use.


  • On/Off: Turn on the lamp by pressing the power switch once. Turn off the lamp in the same way - press the power switch once.
  • Power modes: The lamp lights up in the power mode that was last used. When the light is on, press and hold the power switch to cycle through the different modes. Release the power switch when the desired power mode is activated. Maximum power is activated and deactivated by double-clicking the power switch. The lamp does not remember the maximum power, but instead switches on high power when the lamp is switched on next time.
  • Moonlight Mode: Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds when the light is off.
  • Key lock: Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds while the light is off to enable and disable the key lock.
  • Charging: Connect one end of the Lumonite Touch charger to the appropriate USB port and the other magnetic end to the back of the lamp. During charging, the lamp's lens glows red and turns green when the battery is full.
  • Battery level: The battery level is displayed when the key lock is activated and deactivated, as well as when the power button is pressed while the key lock is activated. The level is shown by projecting a green or red light behind the lens of the lamp. The battery level is interpreted as follows:
    • 100-75% : Green
    • 75-50% : Flashing green
    • 50-25% : Red
    • 25-0% : Flashing red

You can find the complete user manual here: Lumonite Compass - user manual.

ATTENTION! Since the lamp is cooled through the aluminum fixture, it is normal for the fixture to heat up considerably when used at high power. The lamp has a thermal protection that prevents overheating which is harmful to the lamp.

WARNING! The power from the Lumonite Compass lamp is very high. Even if the lamp has temperature protection, the light energy itself can heat nearby materials. It is therefore important to follow the following safety instructions:

  1. Do not leave the lamp on with objects less than 5 cm in front of the lens!
  2. Loosen the bottom part of the lamp half a turn to prevent accidental switching on, e.g. in a pocket
  3. A powerful lamp is not a toy - Do not let children use the lamp without supervision!
  4. Use the button lock: With the light off, press and hold the power button for about 3 seconds. The button lock is deactivated in the same way, by holding down the power switch for 3 seconds.

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