Auxiliary light Lazer Linear 18 Elite (Double E-Mark) - Straight / 53 cm / 130W

Slim and stylish additional light ramp equipped with two different power modes, suitable for both professional and private driving. The manufacturer's declared luminous flux in E-Boost mode 13500 lm, range 511 meters (@ 1 lux).

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  1. Valo itsessään on erinomainen, mutta paketin mukana tuleessa releessä kaksi johtoa oli kytketty ristiin, eikä valo toiminut ensin lainkaan. Pitkän ihm...
    P J 15.1.2024
  2. Valo ja kuvio on erittäin hyvä. Leveä keila, selkeää spottia ei ole havaittavissa, mutta silti näyttää yllättävän pitkälle. Yleisvaloa riittää todella...
    Vesanto H 12.12.2023
  3. Mahtava valoteho ja hienon näköinen. Uppoasennusteline ei sopinut mutta sen sai palauttaa
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Slim and stylish additional light ramp equipped with two different power modes, suitable for both professional and private driving. The manufacturer's declared luminous flux in E-Boost mode 13500 lm, range 511 meters (@ 1 lux).

The Lazer Linear 18 Elite Double E-Mark is an E-approved auxiliary light that combines elegance with impressive performance for both professional and private driving. This version offers two power modes, a moderate power mode of 5225 lumens and a powerful E-Boost mode that gives up to 13500 lumens. Both modes are approved for use on the road, the lower luminous flux is the reference number of the auxiliary light 2 x 10, while in the more efficient E-Boost mode the reference number rises to 2 x 25. The auxiliary light has an impressive range of up to 511 meters (@ 1 lux) when the E-Boost mode is used, ensuring outstanding performance. With its slim and aerodynamic design, the Linear 18 Elite Double E-Mark is perfect for ceiling installations and facades. Its carefully engineered light pattern, which utilizes directional LEDs to provide broad and precise illumination, means the light reaches far ahead and wide out to the edges of the road at an angle of up to 64°.

The Linear series' strict vertical light pattern cuts out the unnecessary light up and down and makes light available exactly where it is needed most. This makes the light also suitable for low installation, as it does not form a "ball of light" directly in front of the front to dazzle the driver. Less vertical dispersion also means that more light can be directed towards the edges of the road. The Linear series can be used for a stylish and discreet installation, as the slim and modern Elite lights become a seamless part of the look of any vehicle.

Note! The lower power mode found in the auxiliary light can be turned on with the separately sold Lazer Dual Output E-Boost Cap for the Linear Series. Without the E-Boost Cap, a higher E-Boost mode is always used.

Basic content

  • Lazer Linear 18 Elite Double E-Mark
  • Anti-theft brackets
  • Connection and installation instructions
  • Side mounts
  • Note! The lamp does not include width-adjustable rail brackets. If you want, you can buy them (2 pcs) separately here: Lazer Center Mounting Kit, Linear.

Contents (1 pc - complete kit)

Contents (1 pc - complete kit with recessed mounting bracket)

Technical specification

  • Make and model: Lazer Linear 18 Elite Double E-Mark
  • Area of use: As additional light in cars/work machines
  • LED: 36 x 3W
  • Operating voltage: 10-32 V
  • Reference numbers: 2 x 25 (E-Boost) / 2 x 10 (lower power mode)
  • Power: 130 W
  • Manufacturer's declared luminous flux : 13500 lm (E-Boost) / 5225 lm (lower power mode)
  • Manufacturer's declared range : 1023 m @ 0.25 lux / 511 m @ 1 lux (E-Boost)
  • Color temperature: 5000 K
  • Mounting: Side mounts
  • Connector: AMP 2 pin
  • Dimensions: 532 x 40 x 62 mm (width/height/depth)
  • Weight: 1090 g
  • Material: Aluminium, black
  • Other: Durable polycarbonate lens with lifetime warranty
  • Protection class: IP67
  • Approvals: EMC: ECE: R10, R112
  • Country of manufacture: United Kingdom
  • Warranty: 60 months

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