LED light stick Pureflare 14 LED, Orange

Rechargeable LED light stick for, for example, traffic management. Durable, portable and versatile. Equipped with magnet.

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  1. Det eneste der er orange er selve staven. Jeg forventede at lyset også var orange... Når det så er sagt, så er det et udmærket produkt, hvis man kan...
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  2. Tukeva toimiva, rahansa arvoinen kampe, liikenteenohjaukseen, huomiovaloksi jne
    P T 7.12.2022
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    Simonsen P 7.9.2022
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Rechargeable LED light stick for, for example, traffic management. Durable, portable and versatile. Equipped with magnet.

LED light stick - Unbeatable as an observation or warning light!

The light stick can shine continuously or be set to flash in several different ways. The power source is a built-in modern rechargeable battery (Li-ion) and can shine for up to ten hours on one charge. The light stick can be easily charged with Pureflare's mains charger, car charger or USB charger. The light stick is designed to withstand rough handling, shocks, dust and water. Thanks to the magnet on the bottom, the light stick can be attached to metal surfaces such as car roofs.

The light stick can be used as a safety light for traffic management, observation light on vehicles or in other ways in situations where you have to call attention from road users. In addition to road construction, traffic management and other similar areas of use, it is also perfect for associations or private use where you only need a proper observation or warning light.

LED light stick operating times

  • Rotating 5 h
  • Strobe flash 10 h
  • Slow flash 3 h
  • SOS signal 10 h
  • Continuous 4 h

LED light stick technical specification

  • Li-ion 3.7V 700mAh, built-in battery
  • Dimensions 34 x 40 x 272 mm, weight 236 grams
  • Charged with mains car or USB charger
  • Charging time 2 - 3 hours depending on power source
  • Warranty 24 months

LED light stick user manual

The light stick is turned on by pressing the power button. Operating mode is selected by repeatedly pressing the power button until the desired operating mode is found. The LED light bar is turned off by pressing the power button for 5 seconds.
The LED light stick is charged with a USB cable (included). Connect the USB cable to the charging module. The charging module is magnetically attached to the LED light stick so that the plus pole (+) should lie against the plus pole (+) of the light stick, and the minus poles against each other. The LED in the charger changes color to orange when charging begins. When charging is complete, the red LED lights up again. Charging can be interrupted at any time.

ATTENTION! The Pureflare LED light stick is charged via the USB port. If you want to charge it from a 230V socket or from the car's 12V socket, look at these USB adapters and the charging case:

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