Rechargeable LED light puck Pureflare, 16 LEDs, Orange

USB-Rechargeable LED light puck with rotating, fixed or flashing light. Durable, portable and versatile. Equipped with magnet.

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    Lepp J 11.4.2024
  2. Voldoet aan de verwachtingen. Goed product
    Vanlake C 23.2.2024
  3. Works well. Satisfied
    Willemsen F 16.11.2023
  4. Bra pris. Bra att den är laddningsbar.Har en i varje bil. Det borde alla ha!
    Larsson F 1.5.2024
  5. 3 tre er valgt da det starter med at laderen blir orange og blir der hele tiden. Viser ikke rødt (som detstår i veiledningen) når enheten er toppladde...
    Hjelkrem S 1.5.2024
  6. Magneetti on aivan liian heikko. Ei pysy kunnolla auton katolla.
    Rannikko J 26.4.2024
  7. Måste ha den långsammaste laddningen jag någonsin har stött på, gick inte änns att mäta och tog någon dag att ladda den full.
    Andersson D 4.3.2024
  8. + Kestävyys ja magneetti + Latausliitin ja lataamisen helppous + Akun kesto riittävä - Huono virtakytkin / painike. Joutuu painamaan kynnellä koska pi...
    Kumpula J 29.2.2024
  9. Supergodt advarselslys👍👍
    Meng L 23.2.2024
  10. Must have auton varuste. Virtanappi on rasittava.
    Hautala T 19.2.2024
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User experiences:

"This is brilliant! Here in Holland the police use just these! Visible far. Suitable as a warning light thanks to the high brightness. About the durability; we were traveling on the road and stopped at a police raid. A truck ran over the light pucks but the lights seemed to work as usual. A brilliant product! Recommend!" - M. Ruuskanen on Facebook

The Swedish Transport Agency on warning lights:

Click here.. (external link)

USB-Rechargeable LED light puck with rotating, fixed or flashing light. Durable, portable and versatile. Equipped with magnet.


The new LED light puck is unbeatable as an observation or warning light! Rechargeable and with magnet. Available in several different colors; orange, blue, green, yellow, red and white.

The color of the light puck's casing is the same as the color of the candle - the orange light puck emits an orange light, etc.
The LED light puck can be set to shine with a steady light or to flash in several different ways. As a power source, there is a built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery that lasts up to several days at a time. The light puck is very easy to charge, either via USB or with Pureflare's mains and car adapter. The light puck is designed to withstand rough handling, shocks, dust and water. Warranty 24 months!

The light puck has magnets at the bottom and can be attached to metal surfaces.

The light puck can be used as a safety light for traffic management, observation light on vehicles or in other ways in situations where you have to call the attention of road users. In addition to road construction, traffic management, police matters and other similar needs, it is also perfect for associations or private use where observation or warning lights are needed.

LED light puck operating hours

  • Rotating light 9 h
  • Short strobe sequences 9 h
  • Flash 60 h
  • Every second blink 9 h
  • SOS signal 14 h
  • Continuous (high) 5 h
  • Continuous (low) 35 h
  • Spotlight (2 led) 9 h
  • Spotlight (4 led) 6 h

LED light puck technical specification

  • Li-ion 3.7V 700mAh, built-in battery
  • Dimensions 106 x 34 mm, weight 198 grams
  • Charges through USB port. Mains and car chargers are available as options.
  • Charging time 2 - 3 hours
  • Warranty 24 months
  • Importer:

LED light puck user manual

The LED light puck is turned on by pressing the power button on the top. Light effect is selected by pressing the power button repeatedly until the desired light effect is obtained. The LED light puck is turned off by pressing the power button for 5 seconds.

The LED light puck is charged with a USB cable (included). Connect the USB cable to the charging module. The charging module is magnetically attached to the LED light puck so that the plus pole (+) lies against the plus pole (+) of the light puck, and the minus poles against each other. The LED in the charger changes color to orange when charging begins. When charging is complete, the LED lights up green. Charging can be interrupted at any time.


ATTENTION! The Pureflare LED puck is charged via the USB port. If you want to charge it from a 230V socket or from the car's 12V socket, look at these USB adapters and the charging case:

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