✅ 2370 x 4080 mm

Hexagon light Dr Dirt Garage Sky Gen2, 14 Grid System, 240 x 410 cm

A set of 14 Hexagon light elements, which creates a unique look for every space, even and bright lighting that maintains a state of alertness! Fixing is possible with screws to both ceiling and wall structures. CE approved.

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A set of 14 Hexagon light elements, which creates a unique look for every space, even and bright lighting that maintains a state of alertness! Fixing is possible with screws to both ceiling and wall structures. CE approved.


Dr Dirt Garage Sky Gen2 is an updated version of Dr Dirt's popular hexagon lights, which can be used to create unique, high-quality, efficient and above all stylish lighting in any space! Garage Sky Gen2 is a completely modular lighting system, which is suitable for both large and small spaces thanks to its easily adaptable style, and it has been especially popular e.g. in car and detailing garages, hobby facilities and fair and exhibition use. The modules' bright LED tubes with a color temperature of 6,500 kelvins offer a steady, well-maintained light that is easy to work with and enjoy. For this reason, hexagon lights are also an excellent choice for stores, hair salons, tattoo studios, offices, public spaces and gyms. In addition, hexagons can of course also be used to create unique lighting at home, for example in the office or bedroom, so the uses for lights are practically unlimited!

There are many similar-looking light modules on the market, but Dr Dirt's Garage Sky Gen2 lights are made of high-quality components and are equipped with high-quality and long-lasting LEDs that provide maximum bright, even and pleasant lighting. Installation has been made safe and easy, as the package includes all the parts needed to assemble the module system as well as instructions for use. The lamp can be attached to ceiling or wall structures with screws, and it can be attached either directly to the border of the ceiling or lowered, e.g. with a cable. Garage Sky Gen2 lights are CE marked. One year (12 months) warranty!

Note! The connection takes place in 230V current, so it requires an electrician!

Garage Sky Gen2 hexagon lights are available in several sizes and shapes:

Delivery content

  • 57 x 440 mm led tube
  • 16 x 120° corner connector
  • 27 x 120° Y angle connector
  • 1 x 120° Y-angle connector with power cable adapter
  • 250 mm power cable
  • User manual (FI/SE/NO/DK)

Technical information

  • Product: Dr Dirt Garage Sky Gen2, 14 Grid System
  • Purpose: Space lighting (Garages, gyms, shop or showrooms, etc.)
  • Dimensions: 2370 x 4080 mm
  • Color temperature: 6500K
  • Operating voltage: 220-240 V AC
  • Apparent lifetime: 50,000 h
  • Color rendering index (CRI): + 80
  • Luminous flux of the lamp (lm): 110-120 lm/W
  • Power: 8 W / 0.5 m
  • Lighting angle: 180°
  • IP rating: IP20
  • Approvals: CE
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +45°C
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Importer:

Installation instructions

Dr Dirt Garage Sky Gen2 Installation Guide (opens in a new window).

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