Warning light bar Purelux Flash 1400 - 1375 mm / 191W / 12/24V

Very stylish, suitable for demanding professional use. E-marked for night and day use. Suitable for 12 and 24V systems.

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  1. Upea yhdistelmä! Löytyy kaikki tarvittava ja näkee sisältä vilkku kuvion!
    Salmi E 20.9.2023
  2. Två lampor döda i kontrollen
    Nilsson L 2.12.2022
  3. Har bara öppna och testa för prov montering av produkten och se hur det blir då den är monterad och klar på bilarna å det blir grejtans vill jag lova�...
    Johansson J 29.11.2022
  4. Veldig fornøyd. Bra kvalitet i forhold til prisen + at det fungerer som den skal.
    G G 9.12.2021
  5. Hyvin sopii tuo Purelux Flash 1400 majakkapaneeli vanan Dodge Ram 2500 katolle. Parantaa näkyvyyttä työmailla työkoneiden seassa.
    Pihlström M 19.10.2021
  6. Stör radion
    Nordh S 19.10.2021
  7. Fungerer fint. Mye lys for pengene. Eneste som mangler er styreboks.
    Vold J 10.9.2021
  8. bra ramp, syns tydligt i dagsljus även i stark sol! negativt är dock blinkmönster, hade velat ha snabbare frekvens på "höger/vänster" blinket...
    Allmandinger S 23.5.2021
  9. Fungerer kjempebra...
    Hellerud J 18.5.2021
  10. Funker kjempebra
    Hellerud J 14.5.2021
Product Faq
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The ramp's mounting feet are attached to the rail underneath, and can be moved freely depending on the mounting position. In addition, a pair of rubber pads are included which are attached between the mounting feet and the substrate. This reduces vibrations and prevents the surface underneath from being scratched.

Very stylish, suitable for demanding professional use. E-marked for night and day use. Suitable for 12 and 24V systems.

The Purelux Flash Panel is a very stylish and slim flash light ramp, mainly developed for demanding professional use. The 1375 mm long ramp is primarily developed for heavier vehicles such as trucks, work vehicles, etc. The main function of the flash light is to alert those moving on the site to ensure the safety of both workers and others moving in the area. The Purelux Flash Panel is equipped with 13 different power modes and powerful light that ensures that the vehicle is clearly visible to all passers-by.

The frame of the flashlight ramp is vibration and corrosion protected, and also waterproof and dustproof according to IP67 classification. The lens is also made of almost unbreakable polycarbonate. The operating voltage of 10-30V makes it possible to use the same flash light on cars and vans as well as on heavier vehicles (e.g. trucks, tractors, work machines, etc.). 360° light angle!

The Flash Panel is E-marked and approved for traffic use, and its ECE R65 Class 2 classification means that it is also approved for both day and night use. Flash Panel has separate power modes adapted for night and day use. During the day, the ramp shines at full power to provide the best possible visibility, and when used at night, the brightness is lower so as not to risk dazzling drivers, passers-by or other workers around the workplace.

The slim and modern design combined with the very low profile enables a stylish installation on any vehicle. Additionally, the ramp's low profile reduces drag compared to traditional flash light ramps, significantly reducing wind noise. The mounting feet raise the ramp slightly from the level of the substrate, allowing airflow to flow under the panel. In addition, it ensures that the light is clearly visible from the roof of the vehicle. This ramp is designed for fixed installation.

Also available in smaller models: Flash Panel 1200, Flash Panel 800, Flash Panel 400 and Flash Panel 250.

Note! You can buy either just the flash bar or a package that includes the flash bar + Purelux Flash Panel Controller, a control panel from which the bar can be adjusted directly in the driver's seat! The control panel does not have a direct connection to the ramp, you have to make the connection yourself.


  • Purelux Flash Panel 1400
  • Set with mounting feet
  • Fixing bolts
  • Power cable, 5000 mm

Technical specification

  • Brand and model: Purelux Flash Panel 1400
  • Area of use: Warning/strobe lights
  • Operating voltage: 10-30 V
  • Measured power consumption max. (12V): 189W
    • Measured power consumption max. (24V): 191W
  • E-marking: ECE R65 Class 2
  • ECE R10, CISPR 25 Class 3, SAE J845 Class 1
  • Protection class: IP67
  • 13 different effect modes
  • Orange light
  • Very low profile
  • Contact: Straight wires, no contact
  • Cable length: 500 cm
  • Dimensions: 1375 x 36 x 220 mm (L x H x D)
    • Height incl. feet: 80 mm
  • Warranty: 24 months

Power modes

  • Simple flashing ( Day mode )
  • Simple flashing ( Night mode )
  • Double flashing
  • Triple flashing (front & back/all)
  • Triple flashing (middle/ends/all)
  • Combo (single/quad flash)
  • Single blink (left/right end)
  • Moving light (inside and out)
  • Moving blink
  • Continuous light (cruise)
  • Candle in the middle
  • Pill light on the left
  • Pill light on the right

Connection manual

ATTENTION! Control box is not included in the package, but the cables are connected as follows:

  • Red: Power (+)
  • Black: Ground (-)
  • Yellow: Change of operating mode
    • Apply power (+) to the yellow wire and the lamp changes operating mode. Can be implemented with a circuit breaker (the cable is connected to the battery or other power source, and a pressure switch is inserted in between)

When installing, it is important to remember that some power modes only work on one side of the ramp.

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