Auxiliary light Purelux Major S530 V2 - Straight / 53 cm / 216 W

Incredibly powerful extra light with frameless lens and PowerBoost® function. Manufacturer's declared luminous flux 18,000 lm, range 658 m @ 1 lux.

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  1. Absolutely incredible. From the quality in general to the build of the light. The output is true to the spec.
    Cavanagh B 18.7.2024
  2. Testet kun I tunell.
    Stenersen S 18.7.2024
  3. Veldig bra og behagelig lys. Pga midnattssol har den hittil kun blitt testet i tunnel med belastning i taket, men veldig bra lys. God spredning og ser...
    H E 20.6.2024
  4. Valokeila aika iso. Hankala suunnata ettei peilaa takaisin ohjaamoon
    Vääräkoski J 30.4.2024
  5. Monterte den bak fangeren og den er helt SUPER! Lyser perfekt til sidene og perfekt i lengden. Blir ikke blendet når jeg har montert den så langt nede...
    +1 more
    Seldal A 2.4.2024
  6. Kanskje den ledbaren på markedet som gir deg mest & best lys for pengene! Av de dusinvis jeg har prøvd oppigjennom årene så er denne absolutt i topp 5...
    Strand A 25.3.2024
  7. Leveä valokuvio ja tarpeeksi kauaks näyttää.
    Kämäräinen M 19.2.2024
  8. Rampen var inte kompatibel med hållaren. För små hål i hållarens armar så man fick köra med orginale...
    Karlsson P 16.2.2024
    Valostore: Hej, Stort tack för din recension! Det var tråki...
  9. Riktigt nöjd och prisvärd samt bra ljusbild. //Arvid
    Althén A 9.2.2024
  10. Ralliautoon ostin ja ihan ylivoimasen hyvä valo! Auton omat valot turhat powerboost tila päällä.
    Järvinen O 29.1.2024
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Incredibly powerful extra light with frameless lens and PowerBoost® function. Manufacturer's declared luminous flux 18,000 lm, range 658 m @ 1 lux.

 - Purelux PowerBoost® - 

The Purelux Major S530 V2 is an updated and even more powerful version of the Purelux Major 530! Unlike its predecessor, this version is equipped with the powerful Purelux PowerBoost™ power mode, which creams the additional light diodes as much as they can, which means that you bypass the E-marking and allow the additional light ramp to perform to the MAX. In addition to the Purelux PowerBoost™ power mode, there is also a "regular" power mode, where the extra light meets the criteria for E-marking. Regardless of power mode, the Purelux Major S530 V2 delivers a really effective light with a nicely combined light pattern that gives you an optimal overview of the road.

Thanks to its frameless lens, the auxiliary light remains high performing even in poor weather conditions and difficult terrain where snow, dust and other objects have nowhere to attach. The Purelux Major S530 V2 has a so-called combination light pattern, which means that it spreads the light both with a fine range straight ahead and width laterally, which gives an optimal overview of the landscape. The light image contributes to increased driving safety and gives more time to identify and react to sudden changes in the environment, such as, for example, sharp curves, damage to the road or game that is around or on winding roads. According to the manufacturer, the auxiliary light has a range of almost half a kilometer, specifically 485 m @ 1 lux, which significantly facilitates and increases visibility when driving on public roads. With the Purelux PowerBoost™ mode, the range increases to an incredible 679 m @ 1 lux, taking visibility to a whole new level! Looking at performance for its size, we strongly recommend the Major S530 V2 for demanding use and extreme conditions!

Purelux PowerBoost™ - Most extra light ramps sold today have a so-called Emarking. This means that you get a requirement on yourself as an extra light manufacturer, that the product must be power limited in order to be traffic approved for certain countries in Europe. In Sweden, we lack this requirement, but many additional light ramps sold here still have the marking because they are manufactured for the entire European market. This means that the effect will be limited in almost all additional lights (and very much so). With the PowerBoost™ mode activated, you bypass the E-marking and run "ALL IN" on the effect of the extra light.

  • Two power modes (Purelux PowerBoost™)
  • Incredible performance for size
  • Combination light pattern with long range
  • Dark optics and modern design
  • Frameless Lexa polycarbonate lens
  • Easy installation with side or rail mounts

In terms of appearance, the Major S530 V2 has received a modern lift, as the ramp has been given a consistently dark look. In addition, its impact-resistant, virtually unbreakable Lexa polycarbonate lens is completely frameless, meaning there is no rim around it and prevents the accumulation of snow, ice or dirt. In this way, the panel stays clean longer even in bad weather conditions, and the ramp can also be installed higher up, where cleaning can be more challenging. Major V2 is ideally suited for passenger cars, vans and off-road vehicles as well as some heavy equipment. Thanks to the PowerBoost™ mode, the panel is also an excellent choice for work vehicles.

The light comes with both the traditional side mounts and adjustable rail mounts, so there are almost unlimited mounting options. The installation is made easier by the 2-pin DTP connector that is pre-assembled in the auxiliary light's mains cable. The wide operating voltage range (9-30 V) enables installation in both 12V and 24V systems. The ramp's standard power mode can be installed for use with a separate plus cable coming from the ramp's power cable, allowing the connection to be made behind, for example, a separate circuit breaker. In this case, the ramp's power mode can be changed between standard and PowerBoost™ mode whenever needed using a switch, for example from the vehicle's interior. In addition, the ramp is protected against radio interference in accordance with the ECE R10 standard. Two year (24 month) warranty!


  • Purelux Major S530 V2
  • 2 x Adjustable rail mounts
  • 2 x Side mounts
  • Power cable
  • Installation and assembly instructions (FI/SE/NO/DK)

Contents (1 pc - Complete package)

Contents (1 pc - Complete package adjustable extra light holder)

Technical specification

  • Brand and model: Purelux Major S530 V2
  • Area of use: As additional light for cars/work machines
  • LED: 36 x 6 W
  • Operating voltage: 9-36 V (DC)
  • Estimated power: 216 W
  • Valostore's measured power consumption:
    • Purelux PowerBoost™: 7.83A @ 24V
    • Road Mode: 3.46A @ 24V
  • Valostore's measured power:
    • Purelux PowerBoost™: 188 W
    • Road traffic status: 84.1W
  • Manufacturer's reported luminous flux: 18000 lm
  • Manufacturer's reported range : 679 m @ 1 lux (Purelux PowerBoost™) / 485 m @ 1 lux (Standard)
    • Measured by Valostore: 658 m @ 1 lux / 1357 m @ 0.25 lux (Purelux PowerBoost™)
    • Measured by Valostore: 483 m @ 1 lux / 965 m © 0.25 lux (Standard)
  • Manufacturer's reported color temperature: 6000 K
  • Mounting: Side mounting, adjustable rail mount
  • Connector: DTP connector
  • Cable length: approx. 45 cm
  • Dimensions: 525 x 68 x 80 mm (Width x Height x Depth)
  • Height with mounting: 78 mm
  • Weight: 2500 g
  • Protection class: IP68/IP69K
  • Approvals: ECE R10, R112*
    • *Road approval does not apply to Purelux PowerBoost™ mode
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Importer:

Installation guide


  • DTP connector: PowerBoost
  • DTP + White: Power mode approved for European road traffic

When the auxiliary light is only connected with the DTP connector, it lights up in PowerBoost™ mode. In order for the standard power mode to illuminate, the additional light is connected with the DTP connector, in addition, the white wire coming out of the power cord must be connected separately to the power.

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