Auxiliary light kit Purelux WRC 4, 432W / 28,000 lm

An auxiliary light set consisting of two round and one panel, with tremendous light output and performance. With this kit you wont travel in the dark! Measured total light output 28144 lm, range up to approx. 850 m @ 1 lux!

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  1. 👍🏻
    Mägi A 30.11.2023
  2. 5 / excellent
    Moisescu D 22.11.2023
  3. Brakett til lysene er for smal, når man har tusenmetere på sidene ligger de nesten foran skiltet, krasjer også med ledbaren så vanskelig å innstille l...
    Tærud K 1.2.2024
  4. Mangler lidt mere om montering og tegning over hvor ledninger er til.
    J M 31.1.2024
  5. Meget godt lys på hele oppsettet. Kunne vært nor bedre monteringsbeskrivelse. Går mye ekstra tid pga dette. Prøvde å komme i kontakt med valostore men...
    Klæboe L 11.1.2024
  6. Ljusflödet är perfekt men monteringsanvisning på dom runda fjärrljusen är fel, man ska inte borra hål i överkant det är väl det runda plastlocket som ...
    Tingström M 28.12.2023
  7. uskomattoman paljon valotehoa ja kirkkautta vaikka paketti maksoi vähän yli 400,-. Toisessa autossani kalliit Led lazer jotka maksoi 2000,-. antaa sa...
    G M 27.11.2023
  8. Superljust
    T M 23.11.2023
  9. Lamporna funkade klockrent och är super nöjd med dom. Fästet där emot fanns det ingen bra beskrivning på hur man skulle fästa det i bilen och det var ...
    G A 23.11.2023
Product Faq
24.1.2024 C,  what is the weight of the product
Hi! Thank you for your question! :) On the product page, you can find links to the products that belong to the set. The additional lights' own product pages have more detailed measurements and weights of the products. The set includes 2 x Purelux 7200 (1400g / pc) and 1 x Panther S540 (2530g.) The additional light stand weighs 1600g. The total weight for these is therefore about 6.9 kg.
2.3.2024 Gerhard J,  Ist dieses Hilfsset Leichtbau Purelux WRC 4, 432W / 28.000 lm in Deutschland zugelassen?
yes it is
11.3.2024 M,  bonjour le Kit éclairage additionnel Purelux WRC 4, 432W / 28 000 lm est il homologuer pour la route et le contrôle technique merci
Yes it is E approved
4.4.2024 W,  Does the kit fit on a Mercedes Sprinter 906
Hi there! Yes it does.
5.4.2024 Leon V,  Would it fit in 2012 Land Rover Discovery LR4?
Hi there! Yes it would.

An auxiliary light set consisting of two round and one panel, with tremendous light output and performance. With this kit you wont travel in the dark! Measured total light output 28144 lm, range up to approx. 850 m @ 1 lux!

Purelux WRC 4 is an auxiliary light set consisting of two round and one panel, which performance and amazing, wide beam will light up the road perfectly! The set includes two Purelux round 7200 auxiliary lights and a Panther S540 Gen2 led bar from the same manufacturer, as well as, of course, installation accessories ranging from mounts and wiring harnesses to supports. The lights in the set are, without a lie, the most popular auxiliary lights of the season 2023 from Purelux! Both 7200 and Panther are equipped with two different power modes, the more moderate of which is approved for road traffic, while the button-activated Purelux PowerBoost® technology removes all limitations, so the combined light output of the lights is measured at a whopping 28144 lumens! The range of two 7200 lights is 662 meters (1 lux), and when the super powerful Panther S540 Gen2 is added to the pack, the combined range of the lights increases to approx. 850 meters (1 lux)! You can find more information about the lights below.

The lights of the set can be installed either so that they all point straight ahead, or alternatively, the round lights can be turned a bit so that their beams are directed slightly to the sides. If all the beams are directed straight ahead, the amount of light directed to the road and distance of the beam can be maximized, while by directing the beams of the round lights slightly to the sides, the beam widens and the light is spread even more to the banks and forest edges, i.e. the light pattern expands considerably. The set includes a WRC license plate holder designed for four auxiliary lights by Purelux, where the lights can be installed easily and neatly so that the holder itself remains hidden behind the license plate, and only the lugs intended for the additional lights remain visible.

Note! The total reference number of the lights in the set is 100 (1 x 50 + 2 x 25), which is the combined maximum of the high beams used in road traffic in many countries. Because of this, the set's auxiliary lights can only be used (legally) in traffic when the car's own high beams are not in use. Of course in some countries, for example in Sweden, this is not as strickt.

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Technical information

  • Product: Auxiliary light kit Purelux WRC 4
  • Input power: 432 W
  • Measured light output: 28144 lm
  • Includes 2 Purelux 7200 additional lights and 1 Panther S5450 Gen2 additional light panel

Purelux Panther S540 Gen2

Purelux Panther S540 Gen2 is an updated version of the super popular Panther S540 led bar. The original S540 placed itself at the top of its size category with its size-to-power ratio that leaves you speechless, and the updated Gen2 version further increases the gap set to the others with renewed reflector technology and lights. Thanks to the reflectors, the light pattern of the panel is now wider than before, so in other words, it illuminates the wider road section evenly from side to side right from the bow. All bars of the Panther series are equipped with Purelux PowerBoost® technology, thanks to which, by pressing a button, the light can be switched on either the limited power mode approved for road traffic or the PowerBoost mode intended for off-road driving. The unrestrained PowerBoost® removes all limitations from the light and unleashes a speechless light output of 15,020 lumens, with which the range can be reached up to more than 600 meters (@ 1 lux)! Thanks to two different power modes, the endless darkness of the winter can be tamed both on dark road sections and completely unlit off-road trails.

Purelux 7200

Purelux 7200 is a high-performance round 7" auxiliary light, which is at the top of its size class both with its light output and its other top features. This light is equipped with, for example, a two-color parking light (white and orange), a neutral 5000K color temperature, and two different power modes, which can be switched between by just pressing a button! The light can be switched to a more moderate power mode approved for road traffic or PowerBoost® mode, which removes the limiters and releases the full measured light output of 6562 lumens. Powerful LEDs combined with advanced lens and reflector technology create a high-quality composite light beam, thanks to which the 7200's light power is enough to illuminate the road section ahead measured up to 468 meters (1 @ lux) while the reflector surfaces also direct the light evenly from bench to bench.

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