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Which flashlight should I buy?
Compare the size, power and light pattern of the lamps. The physical size, light output and light pattern of the lamp are the most important aspects when choosing a flashlight. Think about what size lamp you want to use and with which power source, battery or batteries. The lamp selection guide and Purpose search help you choose!

Which is better, alkaline battery or Li-ion battery-powered flashlight?

It depends on the need for use. If the use is weekly or the lamp is for professional use, we recommend a Li-ion battery-powered lamp, because the battery gives a good operating time and more power. In addition, the use of alkaline batteries will become more expensive in the long run. For occasional home use, the battery-powered one is fine. Alkaline battery-powered LED lamp will never achieve the performance of a rechargeable LED lamp in the same size class.

What do lumens and light output mean?
Lumens describe the total amount of light. The lumens do not tell the range of the light, but the shape of the light beam affects it in addition to the lumens. A narrow-beam lamp carries further than a wide-beam lamp, even if the light output in lumens is the same. Similarly, a wide-angle lens illuminates the largest area. The more lumens, the more light the lamp emits. More information: Lumens, lux and candelas - how not to measure?

Examples of the amount of light from different light sources:

  • The light output of a traditional flashlight with an incandescent bulb is approx. 5-50 lumens
  • The light of a 40W light bulb used in general lighting is approx. 350 lumens
  • The light of a 60W light bulb used in general lighting is approx. 700 lumens
  • The output of the compact flashlight with high-power LED and lithium-ion battery is approx. 1000-1500 lumens
  • The main beam of a car equipped with a light bulb approx. 1000 lumens
  • The main beam of a car equipped with gas discharge or HID bulbs approx. 1800 lumens
  • The power of the LED search light with high-power LED and lithium-ion battery is up to 25000 lumens

How long do flashlights last?
In the online store, we have focused only on lamps equipped with LED lamps. One significant advantage of LED is its lifespan. The normal lifespan of LEDs is around 50,000 hours. The most commonly used li-ion batteries last about 500 times of charging. The aluminum frames of the lamps hardly wear out. Of course, there may be dents in hard use, but that dent in the box doesn't hurt :) When used correctly, LED lamps are a pleasure and useful for years.

Do the products have a warranty?
All products we sell have at least a 12-month warranty. The warranty is indicated on the product page for each product. We are also responsible for possible errors in the service after the warranty period.

What payment methods can be used to buy in the online store?
You can pay with the most common credit cards. Payments are handled by Stripe and Paypal.

Is it safe to order from the online store?
Absolutely. Payments in the online store are handled by Stripe and Paypal.

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